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Paralyzed, with a phantom

Paralyzed, with a phantom
Some of us often see figures next to themselves. It even happens that these figures are, "suffocating" us. Ie.- they keep us paralyzed, without telling us anything. Many times, this has happened to me. And not just me.

I make this thread, hoping that someone can explain the phenomenon, and tell me why I was seeing lights, etc., not to mention shaking the bed. My experience shows that these are most often misguided spirits and perhaps demons.

I tried exorcising objects of deceased people from the apartment, but did not get it fixed. It was and is a case where even when awake, objects move and break. We were all sober when this happened. I thought about it being a poltergeist, but it is something much worse. It pursues me everywhere. I hope you can write advice to tackle this, or methods of chasing it away.

Thanks in advance. :y:


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26.07.2012 07:55
You guys are suffering from sleep paraysis.

I had it too, it is caused by stress or other factors. Once you fix the cause, it goes away!
Worth a try
Worth a try
23.04.2012 00:33
Need more info to give real solution. Here's a general solution. Spilling seed wastefully conjurs souls without bodies. These souls come to get revenge. If this is the source of these souls coming after you, you can try the following remedy. Please keep in mind, the seed could even be from previous occupants.

1 Choose a day to fast and verbally accept the fast before nighfall the day before.
2 Fast from dawn to dusk.
3 Give money to feed the poor on the fast day.
4 Light candles everyday in the affected rooms for one year starting on the fast day.

Good luck.
amanda davis smith
amanda davis smith
31.03.2012 05:04
I wish I had an answer for you. I to am looking for an answer to being paralyzed, seeing people beside me and seeing myself laying there as if I were floating above me watching everything going on. My bed has shook so bad that my kids have heard it. I just figured I was doing it with my leg or foot trying to wake myself up. I told my mother about this and all she would tell me is to shake my foot if I could to wake myself up. Don't know why but she would not tell me anything else to why I was dreaming this. Her not telling me why made me look deeper into trying to find an answer to my dream. All I know is when this happens and it happens often, it scares the mess out of me. If I do find any information I will share it with you. Thank you for sharing your dream, thought I was really the only one who this was happening to.