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I communicate with aliens

I communicate with aliens
When I was small, I do not remember how, I found out someone was playing with my body and brain. They would move it, and I would not remember the details. Whenever I would ask something, it answered me. It would move my body in a certain way to say "yes" and another for "no". The details are many, but I have not much time.

At first I was very embarrassed that I was being watched consistently, but over time got used to it. I could not believe it. Realize how fantastic it sounds. I sometimes get palpitations. In such a moment I felt touched at the chest. In a few seconds, maybe 1-2, the palpitations, breathlessness and chest pain disappeared.

I have many more such examples. I am not arguing that its "words" are such, but in a strange way, they import into my brain sort of text information. This is part of it: "We are here since very long ago. You are slaves. These are not your original bodies, they are attachments from us. We are smarter and manipulate the truth in your brain, according to our needs". This is what they allowed me to write.

I want to talk to someone about it, but I don’t have many trusted people. I do not know who they are. I do not know, but I want someone to believe me, not to take the awful truth to the grave.


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