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Phenomenal! Researchers Have Deciphered One of the Final Dead Sea ScrollsPhenomenal! Researchers Have Deciphered One of the Final Dead Sea Scrolls
26 Jan.
The Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts were discovered in 1947 in the Qumran Caves, located near the Dead Sea's shores. 900 fragments have been found to this day, all authored by the ancient Judaic sect....
Climatic Catastrophe: the Dead Sea is Drying UpClimatic Catastrophe: the Dead Sea is Drying Up
21 June
Holes have appeared along the coast of the Dead Sea, leading to the collapse of several buildings. The disappearance of the Dead Sea won't be sudden....
Vanished Ancient Greek Island Rediscovered in the Aegean SeaVanished Ancient Greek Island Rediscovered in the Aegean Sea
26 Nov.
Ancient sources indicated that Kane was located somewhere in the Aegean Sea. The location of the island was described by Ancient Greek historian Xenophon....
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
On checking whether this man was truly dead, no heartbeat or reaction of the pupils were to be found. This man was dead. The black people surrounded him and began to scream....
The Devil's Sea is in the PacificThe Devil's Sea is in the Pacific
03 Nov.
The Devil's Sea division is in the Pacific Ocean between the northern Philippines, the U.S. island of Guam and Japan. Sailors call it the cemetery of the Pacific in which ships and other vessels went missing. In September...
The Weirdest Ancient ArtifactsThe Weirdest Ancient Artifacts
07 Oct.
The earliest recipe was found in the lands of ancient Babylon, carved onto a tile....
The ancient Antikythera mechanismThe ancient Antikythera mechanism
08 July
Can we really be sure that the device is really ancient? If so, what was its purpose? What can it say about the ancient world and the evolution of modern science?...
The Food of the Ancient SpartansThe Food of the Ancient Spartans
27 Jan.
Besides their skill in battle, the ancient Spartans were also known for their way of life and culture that differed completely from the rest of Ancient Greece. The biggest difference was in the food they ate....
Photo Albums of the DeadPhoto Albums of the Dead
31 Mar.
Instead they set aside money to immortalize their loved ones when they finally came knocking at death's door....
Reviving the Dead with the Lazarus EffectReviving the Dead with the Lazarus Effect
12 May
In most parts of the world, a person is pronounced dead after they experience a complete and irreversible loss of brain function. This condition is known as brain death....
The Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesThe Strangest Ancient Burial Ceremonies
07 Dec.
As a result they hang their dead from ropes up on cliffs....
UFO over the ancient worldUFO over the ancient world
19 May
Modern UFO specialists have made the trouble to examine 50 works of ancient authors....
The Most Ancient Creature on the PlanetThe Most Ancient Creature on the Planet
27 Nov.
The now dead mussel was 507 years old, which beat the 220-year-old mussel that was found in 1982, and was subsequently recorded in the Guinness book of records....
Ancient Egyptians and kissing deathAncient Egyptians and kissing death
31 May
According to others their relationship was pure love and therefore those who buried them have enabled them to be together in death. Scientists have not yet discovered the mysterious reasons for this strange burial....
The Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient WorldThe Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient World
28 Feb.
Ancient religions contain numerous gods and deities. The world was an unexplored and frightful place. As such, humans had deities for just about everything to worship....