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Signs That your Soul is Sick, According to the Ancient ShamansSigns That your Soul is Sick, According to the Ancient Shamans
07 Nov.
While doctors focus on the outer aspect of a disease, shamans concentrated on the inner world....
Your Subconscious can cure youYour Subconscious can cure you
08 Jan.
Shamans influence the subconscious by using the known effects of a placebo. Very often people feel better simply because shaman has his hand on their head....
Unravel the secrets of Nazca phenomenonUnravel the secrets of Nazca phenomenon
24 Nov.
American anthropologist Marlen Dobkin de Rios launched the hypothesis that the shapes of the Nazca embody the spiritual flight of the shaman, and shamanic transformations are present in animals of power, they are signs to...
The most important Archeological finds of the XXI centuryThe most important Archeological finds of the XXI century
27 Mar.
Shamans were clearly associated with the spirits of animals, and these may have been mostly associated with women. The most unusual at this funeral was the discovery of 50 tortoise shells....
Native American Superstitions about MeteorsNative American Superstitions about Meteors
23 Oct.
According to another tribe, a meteor was the spirit of one of their deceased shamans. Among these was the Wintu tribe of Northern California....
Juju MagicJuju Magic
15 Feb.
No small number of these men kill, kidnap and take body parts from their relatives, friends or loved ones and bring them to the shamans to perform magic....
The Aztecs at the main deity was that of dreamsThe Aztecs at the main deity was that of dreams
26 Apr.
The language of the Indians, Shaman, means one who has dreams. Those living around the Amazon say that anyone can dream a little voodoo....
The ancient Chinese treated with marijuanaThe ancient Chinese treated with marijuana
05 Oct.
The secret was detected in the mound of a shaman. Chemical analysis of the findings indicate that the drug is of the highest quality: it contains large amounts of cannabinoids....
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
Shamans can return the dead to life, devoid of spirit, and to use them as slaves. The most famous story is about a man turning into a zombie, he was Klervius Narcissus....
The Doorway Between 2 Worlds in PeruThe Doorway Between 2 Worlds in Peru
04 Nov.
The doorway was discovered by Jorge Luis Delgado Mamani, who kept close ties with the shamans of the area....
The danger of parallel worldsThe danger of parallel worlds
12 Mar.
Shamans and priests had contacted these other worlds. There is evidence of time-space windows. Through these windows people fall into other worlds with other parameters of time and space....
Most Popular Beliefs and Superstitions about MeteorsMost Popular Beliefs and Superstitions about Meteors
26 Oct.
According to the Native Americans, meteors were indeed evidence of wandering spirits but these they thought to be the souls of their shamans, who were trying to make their way to the afterlife....
Incidents Proving the Existence of LevitationIncidents Proving the Existence of Levitation
11 Sept.
Mediums sometimes achieve levitation during their spiritual seances, shamans do this when in a trance....
The Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesThe Strangest Ancient Burial Ceremonies
07 Dec.
This is done by the shaman, who ties the woman's finger tightly so it becomes numb, at which point he chops it off with an ax....
How to Interpret Dreams about Magic and WitchesHow to Interpret Dreams about Magic and Witches
07 Feb.
- If you dream of a shaman performing some kind of magic ritual you're going to rediscover yourself and your understanding of the world....

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