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The Secrets of PlutoThe Secrets of Pluto
11 Nov.
The New Horizons team sheds light on the 10 least unexpected discoveries about Pluto and its satellites. They were found during the craft's flyby of the planet in July of this year. The 1st space surprise is that Pluto...
Secrets of the mirrorSecrets of the mirror
20 June
Venetians kept this secret as the apple of their eye over two hundred years and their mirrors sold on exorbitant prices....
Secrets of the Holy GrailSecrets of the Holy Grail
12 Nov.
The Holy Grail is a mysterious Christian artifact that has stirred excitement in people for centuries. The search for it began after the death of Jesus Christ and since then people from around the world have been searching...
Secrets of the Rosetta StoneSecrets of the Rosetta Stone
02 Apr.
The Rosetta Stone is a black granodiorite stone, with texts of 3 different languages written all over it - 2 in ancient Egyptian and 1 in ancient Greek. This monolithic document was created in 196 BC by King Ptolemy V, the...
The Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious SmokeThe Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious Smoke
29 Nov.
Because of its specific soil type and climate, many of the secrets of its ancient cities have been discovered and are now available to the public....
The Book of Thoth Reveals Secrets of the UniverseThe Book of Thoth Reveals Secrets of the Universe
14 Sept.
For long years, the secrets of the ancient Egyptians have sparked the curiosity of researchers. It is uncertain whether they're just legends or real historical facts....
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
\"The man was lying, without evident signs of life. Around him were naked black people. An old black man with a bracelet of ivory shouted something. On checking whether this man was truly dead, no heartbeat or reaction of...
Archeologists estimated the birthday of the Great PyramidArcheologists estimated the birthday of the Great Pyramid
16 Sept.
The date was determined by a group of researchers who have worked under conditions of strict secrecy....
The Macabre Secret of the Cave of SkeletonsThe Macabre Secret of the Cave of Skeletons
21 Oct.
The skeletons had holes in their skulls and chests. That night, the scientists made camp near the cave and once again heard the frightening noise as the previous night....
Unravel the secrets of Nazca phenomenonUnravel the secrets of Nazca phenomenon
24 Nov.
Gerald Hawkins from Smithsonian Institute in Washington made a series of new studies of giant drawings in the desert Nazca. It became known to the disclosure of the mystery of Stonehenge in England, describing the building...
The secret language of flowersThe secret language of flowers
29 Nov.
Since ancient times people have used flowers to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Lewis Carroll was sent to Alice in Wonderland through a mirror in a garden filled with talking flowers. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians...
The Hidden Magical Secrets of the Human ShadowThe Hidden Magical Secrets of the Human Shadow
07 Dec.
The human shadow holds a special place in various legends and folklore tales. Many of the ancient peoples saw it as a magical extension of our bodies and it was even present in important prophecies and magical rituals...
Are the pyramids work of aliens?Are the pyramids work of aliens?
16 Dec.
The location of the Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza and neighboring Pyramid in the summer evenings show the sun located exactly between the two pyramids....
Secret of the fireballs of the Mekong in ThailandSecret of the fireballs of the Mekong in Thailand
30 Nov.
Only once a year, in the first full moon of October, in the northern part of Thailand, an inexplicable phenomenon happens. At sunset, on the surface of the Mekong River fly pink, orange and green fireballs. After...
The Secret of the Lake with the SkeletonsThe Secret of the Lake with the Skeletons
30 Apr.
Almost a century after its discovery, the Lake still hides its dark secret....