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Secrets of the Holy Grail

Jana G.Jana G.

The Holy Grail is a mysterious Christian artifact that has stirred excitement in people for centuries. The search for it began after the death of Jesus Christ and since then people from around the world have been searching for it extensively. There exist many legends linked with the Holy Grail.

It is believed that Christian apocrypha lie at the foundation of all of the legends surrounding the Holy Grail. According to these, the Holy Grail is a precious emerald from the crown of Lucifer himself. When the archangel Michael attacked Lucifer as head of his holy angelic army, he used his sword of flame to pry the precious emerald from the crown of his enemy. The stone was used to make the Holy Grail.

Other legends say that the Holy Grail is made of wood.

Yet another goes that the Holy Grail was the cup used for the holy sacraments of Jesus Christ's disciples during the Last Supper. After Jesus was nailed to the cross, his disciples collected several drops of his blood in that same cup.


The cup and the spear, used to inflict the wounds on Jesus's body while he was on the cross, were taken to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea. According to the belief, whomsoever should drink from the Holy Grail will receive forgiveness for all of their sins, and will also be given a priceless gift - eternal life.

A different legend states that even if the person does not drink from the Holy Grail but simply sees it up close, this will grant them immortality. The knights of King Arthur who gathered at the Round Table in Camelot had also been long searching for the Grail.

Sir Lancelot was the 1st to find the Holy Grail but even though he was close to it, he was unable to even touch it because he was unworthy. Galahad, known for his honesty, along with the knights Bors and Percival, were given the Holy Grail directly from Christ, who appeared before them.

As per his request, they took the Grail to a temple in the town of Sarras but the locals threw them in a deep pit. Galahad was taken to the sky by Joseph of Arimathea. Then, a hand appeared from the heavens which took the Grail high up into the clouds.

No one has seen the Holy Grail since but the mystery surrounding it continues to inspire people all over the world to search for it, so that they can gain eternal life. One of the leaders of the Nazi SS during Hitler's time, Heinrich Himmler, wanted to find the Holy Grail at all costs.

Legends say that every 700 years, counting from the year 554 onward, the Holy Grail appears out of nowhere, to grant the opportunity for someone worthy to receive its priceless gift.