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The Blood-Curdling Secrets of the Gas Chambers at Sobibor

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We've all heard of Auschwitz and Treblinka - the more notorious of the concentration camps. But the lesser-known Sobibor may turn out to be even more terrifying than they.

During World War II, the most horrifying of death camps were located in Poland, and used to plan and carry out the systematic mass murder of the Jews. According to rough estimates, over 250 000 people were killed at Sobibor concentration camp.

The monsters operating the death camps sensed that the war was coming to an end and decided, at that point, to try to cover up their crimes.

Not long ago, however, Polish archaeologists unearthed numerous mass graves in the forests around Sobibor, a testament to the horrors that played out there. To prevent their bodies from being discovered, the Nazis poured concrete over the victims.

Image: SobiborInfoPl

Investigators also found the keys to the chambers where the doomed were locked up. Numerous bodies were found in the concrete. Amidst them, a golden wedding band whose inscription reads: "Careful, you're mine for all time."

The majority of the victims were executed at the last second. Most of skeletons have bullet holes in the neck area.

At the end of the war, only 30 people were rescued from Sobibor. Today, the greater part of the camp lies in ruins. Chilling reminders, such as the wall of the crematorium however, still stand.

The nearby gas chamber, on the other hand, curdles the blood. It contains numerous human remains, where unfortunate prisoners were gassed to death, ones believed to have made a final, desperate escape attempt.