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Humans and Great White Sharks have a Similar GenomeHumans and Great White Sharks have a Similar Genome
18 Dec.
Great whites have long been considered a "genetic mystery". Not long ago scientists from Cornell University, US, took on the laborious task of deciphering its genetic code....
Night Owls are Potential ConvictsNight Owls are Potential Convicts
14 Dec.
Experiments have also shown that when it comes to serious tasks, you're better off relying on early birds, as their sense of responsibility is much higher than that of night owls, who are more egotistical by nature....
Great Pyramid of CholulaGreat Pyramid of Cholula
24 June
The pyramid in Cholula is a massive structure, greater even than the pyramids in Egypt, by volume. It had hosted religious rites of human sacrifice, even of children....
Night Owls are More Creative Than Early BirdsNight Owls are More Creative Than Early Birds
21 June
Night owls have a much more developed imagination than early birds. They love to remain alone with their thoughts and being alone doesn't scare them....
People who Have a Pet Don't Have Sleep ProblemsPeople who Have a Pet Don't Have Sleep Problems
01 Mar.
People who have pets don't have sleep problems, neurophysiology experts from the US say....
How the Great Caravaggio DiedHow the Great Caravaggio Died
21 Sept.
Since then, the circumstances surrounding his death have been shrouded in mystery. But a sample from his teeth provides us answer to this age-old question....
Pets have supernatural abilitiesPets have supernatural abilities
10 Oct.
So we can rightly say that domesticated animals have supernatural abilities....
The history of Peter the GreatThe history of Peter the Great
22 Sept.
He declared himself Emperor Peter the Great and is one of the greatest Russian rulers. He continued his reforms throughout his rule....
Alexander the Great and ancient EgyptAlexander the Great and ancient Egypt
29 Nov.
This was an important turning point as Alexander the Great believed that he really was a god. Over 331 years B.C. Alexander the Great took on epic journey to Oracle to seek evidence of his divinity....
Why Don't Humans Have Tails?Why Don't Humans Have Tails?
26 Jan.
According to scientists, this explains why humans have a tailbone, as well as why we lose our fleshy embryonic tails while developing in the womb....
Have you Dreamed This Man?Have you Dreamed This Man?
30 Apr.
Entire groups have printed out the picture and posted it all over the world with the text "have you dreamed this man? "...
Fish Have Surprisingly Long MemoryFish Have Surprisingly Long Memory
17 July
Through the experiment, the researchers managed to prove that the memory of fish is not as short as was presumed and that the creatures have much greater mental capabilities....
Have I Lived Here Before?Have I Lived Here Before?
05 Nov.
If you are convinced that you have lived in a place that seems extremely familiar, and can even imagine the types of actions you have done there, this is without a doubt a part of a past life....
The Great Art Mysteries That Remain UnsolvedThe Great Art Mysteries That Remain Unsolved
04 Nov.
Wally's enigmatic smiles have earned her the nickname the "Viennese Mona Lisa" among art critics. Wally's profession has led to great debate among artistic circles....
The Great Historical Figures who Died VirginsThe Great Historical Figures who Died Virgins
19 Nov.
Some of the most celebrated artists, great minds and leaders in the history of mankind have left this world without ever having sex, preserving their chastity from birth until death....