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Have you Dreamed This Man?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

If you've dreamed of the man in the picture, you are one of the few who have received a life lesson from this mysterious wise man. The face is one of the most distributed around the world and is a common sight among complete strangers in the dreams they experience.

The story begins in January 2006, when a patient of a well-known psychotherapist in New York shares that she regularly dreams of the same man, whom she does not know. The unfamiliar person would appear in her dreams to give her advice regarding her personal life.

The psychotherapist called a sketch artist to draw a portrait of the person who so often appeared in the dreams of his patient. The drawn portrait remained on the doctor's desk until another of his patients saw it and said that he too had dreamed of the same man.

Surprised, the psychotherapist made copies of the portrait and gave them to his colleagues, asking them to ask their patients if they had dreamed that man. This way the doctor hoped to find out if the incident in his office was coincidence or if there was something more to it.

However, the picture was not just distributed among the therapists, it actually became a real sensation on the Internet, with millions sharing it.

Dream this Man

It turned out that about 2000 people from around the world had dreamed of this man and in every one of the dreams he would give life advice and guidance which helped the dreamer.

Every one of the participants in the discussion explained in detail the dream with the strange man that they would never forget because he had completely changed their life, giving them directions on how to be truly happy.

There are many theories as to the mission and identity of the mysterious man. Some believe that it is God. Others believe that it is a person living on our planet among us but has supernatural powers and aims to help people in an indirect way.

Even though years have passed since this face caused hysteria around the world, the interest toward it has not subsided. Entire groups have printed out the picture and posted it all over the world with the text "have you dreamed this man? "