Scientists Find 8 New Exoplanets Suitable for LifeScientists Find 8 New Exoplanets Suitable for Life
15 Jan.
With Earth's growing population and the diminishing resources, scientists are turning their gaze to the sky ever more frequently, with the hope of discovering other planets that would be suitable to harbor a new...
Mysterious Mars Rock Puzzles ScientistsMysterious Mars Rock Puzzles Scientists
22 Jan.
beginning of the Opportunity rover's mission, lead scientist Steve Squyres admitted that the so-called "erratic rock", found on the surface of Mars is a phenomenon, which cannot be positively explained at this time. The discovery made NASA issue a report on the status of Mars last week, titled "We Came Upon a Surprise"....
New Geoglyphs Discovered in NazcaNew Geoglyphs Discovered in Nazca
08 Sept.
remarkably puzzled to find these new geoglyphs, which reveal a great portion of the local history. "A valuable contribution to our knowledge of ancient Nazca, " stated archaeologist Ruben Garcia Sota, regarding the new find...
Scientists Discover Oceans Beneath the EarthScientists Discover Oceans Beneath the Earth
22 June
A team of scientists from the University of New Mexico has discovered oceans underneath the Earth's surface, found 373 miles (600 km) beneath the Earth's mantle. The oceans found below the Earth's surface are...
Scientists Discover the Secret to Deep SleepScientists Discover the Secret to Deep Sleep
02 Aug.
. Head of the scientific study Jeffrey Ellenbogen believes that studying this activity is crucial to finding the key to deep sleep. "If we find out how many spindles a person can generate and discover a way to stimulate...
Scientists Discover the Real Reason Why Humans SleepScientists Discover the Real Reason Why Humans Sleep
31 Mar.
sleep stood in one spot and dared not move. On the other hand, the others, that were kept awake, began to explore their new cages without hesitation. According to the scientists, the mice whose brains were well rested...
Scientists Discover Where the Wow! Signal Came FromScientists Discover Where the Wow! Signal Came From
04 May
the signal that scientists picked up. In the past, these particular bodies were unknown to science, hence their possible role in this phenomenon was not considered. The discovery is quite disappointing to extraterrestrial proponents and their alleged contact with humans but is nonetheless fact....
New Species of Prehistoric Man DiscoveredNew Species of Prehistoric Man Discovered
05 Feb.
Just days ago, scientists announced that they had discovered a new species of prehistoric hominid. It inhabited the territory of Eastern Asia 490 000 - 10 000 years ago. All that's left of the ancient race of man is...
New Mayan Cities Discovered in MexicoNew Mayan Cities Discovered in Mexico
29 Aug.
the newly discovered ancient cities were abandoned by the Mayans in order to relocate to the Yucatan Peninsula, where they founded one of the most emblematic cities of antiquity - Chichen Itza. The 2 new archaeological...
Scientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar SystemScientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar System
27 Nov.
A brand new world, slightly rocky and warm, with its own atmosphere, was spotted by astronomers orbiting around one of the stars near our Solar System. The planet, called GJ1132b, is about 1.2 times larger than...
New Find Questions the Theory of EvolutionNew Find Questions the Theory of Evolution
11 Sept.
Hundreds of bones of a human ancestor unknown to science until now have been uncovered in South Africa. The find was discovered in a hard-to-access cave and ushers in new questions regarding the theory of human...
New Discovery: 2000-Year-Old Natural Pearl in AustraliaNew Discovery: 2000-Year-Old Natural Pearl in Australia
15 June
During excavations of an ancient aboriginal village, Australian archaeologists found an extremely rare 2000-year-old natural pearl, reports AFP. The discovery is the 1st of its kind ever found in Australia...
A New Species of Dinosaur Has Been DiscoveredA New Species of Dinosaur Has Been Discovered
12 Nov.
American scientists from the state of Utah have come upon the remains of an unknown to science dinosaur. It is theorized that the intriguing find is a predecessor of T-Rex. The newly discovered dino is being...
Scientists Have Discovered the Gene That Determines IntellectScientists Have Discovered the Gene That Determines Intellect
19 May
significant. It is believed that this discovery will allow scientists the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms of various psychological disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia....
Scientists Have Discovered How to Adjust Our Biological ClockScientists Have Discovered How to Adjust Our Biological Clock
06 Aug.
French researchers have discovered that special light can be used to fine-tune our biological clock. The scientists have tested their discovery on themselves in the continent of Antarctica. The most important thing...

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