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Mega ocean existed on Mars

Mega ocean existed on Mars

For many, many years on the Northern hemisphere there was a huge, huge ocean Mars. In the enormous area there was flowing water of rivers and streams, formed by heavy rains over the Red Planet.

This assumption was made by the authors of a global topographic map of Mars. It was made by a group of scientists from Northern Illinois University and the Institute of Studies of Moon and planets in Houston, United States and was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Planets.

The topographic map has been compiled based on computer algorithm analysis of images from Mars. It was found that Mars has an extensive network of valleys and channels on its surface with much higher rates than those considered so far.

For the first time a system of valleys on Mars was discovered in 1970.

Currently, scientists disagree on two thesis. Some of them maintain that that system of valleys and hollows is the result of an influx of rain water on the planet. The other version is that it has been formed by erosion caused by the depletion of underground reserves of water.

Professor Wei Luo and Thomas Stepinski, which are the authors of the new work suggests that their discovery confirms the first hypothesis. It is proof of the mega ocean in the past on Mars.

Scientists have been able to find the ring of canals, which encircles the Mars equator around the southern and middle latitudes. Experts say the presence of this zone suggests a heavy rainfall is heading north and was located where the ocean is in the form of rivers and streams.

"Our data suggests that in the past heavy rain fell on Mars. We think Mars holds about one third of the planet's surface, " advises Wei Luo.