The Kerch Alien Mystery - SolvedThe Kerch Alien Mystery - Solved
05 Sept.
The case came to be known as the Mystery of the Kerch Alien, with Kerch being the region in Russia where the remains had been discovered. Analyses showed that they are at least 2000 years old....
Paleontologists Have Solved a Dinosaur MysteryPaleontologists Have Solved a Dinosaur Mystery
24 Oct.
A nearly 50-year-old mystery from the world of dinosaurs has finally been solved, report Western media. In 1965, paleontologists unearthed a pair of huge fossilized dinosaur arms in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia....
Egyptologist Solves an Ancient MysteryEgyptologist Solves an Ancient Mystery
25 June
Once he gathered all the facts and connected the dots, the researcher solved the great mystery....
The Mystery Surrounding the Killer Joe BallThe Mystery Surrounding the Killer Joe Ball
14 Nov.
One of the most mysterious murderers, notorious in Texas, is Joe Ball. No one can say for sure how many people died at the hands of the menacing criminal but there is hardly a local who hasn't heard his name, writes
The Mystery Surrounding the Native American City of CahokiaThe Mystery Surrounding the Native American City of Cahokia
29 July
Cahokia is one of the largest ancient Native American cities, located in the Southwest part of the state of Illinois, near St. Louis in neighboring Missouri. The site has been labeled as a World Heritage Site. Until the...
Half a Century After Gagarin`s Death the Mystery Surrounding it RemainsHalf a Century After Gagarin`s Death the Mystery Surrounding it Remains
30 Mar.
Today, 50 years after the death of the first astronaut, the theories surrounding the event continue to spark controversy. The passing of the 1st man in space remains a state secret, shrouded in mystery....
Superstitions surrounding coffeeSuperstitions surrounding coffee
08 Dec.
Are you superstitious? Do not worry - many people are. Even coffee lovers have their share of superstitious beliefs. Here are some of the most common superstitions associated with coffee. In Greece, you will find some...
The Mythic Legend Surrounding the DreamcatcherThe Mythic Legend Surrounding the Dreamcatcher
12 Dec.
A dreamcatcher is a talisman that comes from Native American mythology. The Native Americans believed that dreams reflected a person's confidence, maturity, goodness and loyalty. Even though no small number of Indian...
Mystery of Marie CelesteMystery of Marie Celeste
10 Oct.
Looking at the ship, the mystery deepened. Everywhere they look, gave the feeling that people have left with the plan to return. Their clothes, boots, money, razors, pipes and other personal belongings were on board....
The Legends Surrounding the Game of ChessThe Legends Surrounding the Game of Chess
30 June
A number of different legends exist about the creation of the game of chess. One of them tells of a despotic raja who lived in India many centuries ago. One of his loyalists, named Ceta, decided to show him that it...
Who Can Solve Einstein's Riddle?Who Can Solve Einstein's Riddle?
09 Oct.
Only 2% of the world's population are able to solve it. If you want to find out whether you are fall into these 2%, try to solve the puzzle, but be honest and don't look at the solution ahead of time. Facts: 1....
The Mystery of Puma PunkuThe Mystery of Puma Punku
29 Apr.
Tiwanaku is an ancient city in Bolivia not far from Lake Titicaca. It is thought to be about 7000 years old and probably one of the oldest cities in the world. Strangely enough, the sculptures there appear to have been...
The mystery of talking crossesThe mystery of talking crosses
12 Oct.
The mystery of the talking cross has no such phenomenon in folklore or religion, nor in the cultural traditions of the Maya and the surrounding nations....
The Mystery of the Virgin MothersThe Mystery of the Virgin Mothers
05 Aug.
This has puzzled reproductive problem researchers and has given mystery lovers something to think about. A multi-year study of the sexual health of the young Americans is attempting to explain this phenomenon....
The mystery of the stone orbsThe mystery of the stone orbs
23 July
In 1930, after preparing the field for banana plantation, the first stone spheres were found - this is one of the strangest archaeological mysteries that have not been solved until today....

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