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Baghdad Battery - a mystery to mankind

Baghdad Battery - a mystery to mankind

Baghdad Battery is the common name for several Artefacts found in the lands of ancient Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. In 1936, during excavations near the ancient city of Hyuiut Rabua near Baghdad archaeologists found a strange little vase. This 15-cm vase was made from a light yellow clay court, say historians. They retract into the warehouses of the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad and without hesitation it dates from the beginning of a new era in 2000 or before.

The small vase containing a cylindrical piece of copper 12, 5 centimeters long and a diameter of 4 centimeters. The rim of the copper cylinder was soldered with lead-tin alloy in the ratio of 60/40 percent, while its bottom is choked with deep fluted copper disk, which in turn is anchored with concrete or asphalt. Another insulating layer of asphalt sealed the top opening and holds in its place an iron rod thrust into the center of the cylinder. Scientists discovered in the rod traces of acid.

However, the world learned of the existence of Baghdad Battery two years later when William Koenig - Germany Director of the National Museum of Iraq, opened stores in it stood the odd vase. After it undergoes a serious analysis, the German archaeologist, concluded that the instrument produces electricity and is used by the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia for galvanizing vessels. Alleged to Dr. Koenig, this would mean that our ancestors have managed to create a whole battery 1800 years before Alessandro Volta patented his invention.

Despite the many experiments that were conducted for 60 years after the discovery of the Baghdad Battery, to the scientific world, there is still no definite explanation for what they served.

Baghdad Battery remains shrouded in a mysterious veil. No one knows exactly when and by whom they were made, and even less is known of their specific purpose in the life of ancient people. In recent years, these issues have increasingly been questioned and it is quite possible that as soon as possible the questions will be disentangled and one big secret will be revealed which our ancestors have bequeathed.