Expect the Orionid Meteor Shower 2 Nights in a RowExpect the Orionid Meteor Shower 2 Nights in a Row
20 Oct.
They are the brightest meteors visible and leave the clearest trails in their wake....
Perseids - the Legendary Meteor ShowerPerseids - the Legendary Meteor Shower
23 Oct.
To fully enjoy a meteor shower, we need to get out of the large metropolitan areas, get up in a high spot and face north....
Geminids Meteor Shower Peaks on December 14Geminids Meteor Shower Peaks on December 14
14 Dec.
The Geminids meteor shower will peak on December 14. Given good meteorological conditions, we'll be able to observe over 120 meteors per hour. Geminids is the most active visible meteor shower from December 4 - 17....
Orionid Meteor Shower to Make All Wishes Come True on ThursdayOrionid Meteor Shower to Make All Wishes Come True on Thursday
21 Oct.
Early on Thursday morning, October 22, the Orionid meteor shower will make all wishes come true. The meteor shower will be at its brightest at 2 am GMT, with 20-25 meteors falling per hour then....
What are the Beliefs and Omens about Seeing a Meteor Shower?What are the Beliefs and Omens about Seeing a Meteor Shower?
21 Oct.
Nowadays, meteor showers aren't loaded with such ominous signs....
Your Shoes Reveal What you can Expect in LoveYour Shoes Reveal What you can Expect in Love
01 June
White shoe A serious relationship is in store for you. Expect an engagement, marriage or cohabitation. 4. Black shoe A breakup or infidelity lie in store, maybe both....
We're Expecting Three Supermoons SoonWe're Expecting Three Supermoons Soon
18 Aug.
A supermoon will light up the sky soon, and not once but an entire 3 times. The curious event will be observable on August 29, September 28 and October 27....
Evil will Soon be Curable!Evil will Soon be Curable!
20 May
Evil in humans doesn't develop over the years, as was believed so far. It is inborn, comes from a specific part of the brain and can be cured. Scientists have tracked the roots of evil. They've found that before doing...
Which Languages Will Soon Disappear?Which Languages Will Soon Disappear?
29 Sept.
According to experts, the languages of the Andaman Islands share nothing in common with any other language on Earth. 2....
Native American Superstitions about MeteorsNative American Superstitions about Meteors
23 Oct.
A tribe inhabiting the lands of present-day California also considers the emergence of a meteor a bad omen. According to another tribe, a meteor was the spirit of one of their deceased shamans....
Geminids and Beliefs about MeteorsGeminids and Beliefs about Meteors
22 Oct.
Experts state that the 1st detailed description of the Geminids was from 150 years ago - not that long ago in comparison to other meteor showers, such as the Perseids for example....
Beliefs Foreshadowing That you`ll Soon Find LoveBeliefs Foreshadowing That you`ll Soon Find Love
03 Apr.
This foretells that someone is soon going to warm your heart. - if the high heel of your shoe breaks, it's another sign of love. - if you don't light your cigarette the right way, it's another reason to smile....
Soon We Will Learn Languages with a Magic PillSoon We Will Learn Languages with a Magic Pill
19 July
The experts who deal with this science are often forced into confronting the misunderstanding and skepticism of society....
The Sedona MethodThe Sedona Method
31 Aug.
Expecting to feel happier, and little more confidence is merely a low expectation of this method; so what can exactly be expected is the question?...
Mercury Enters Capricorn! What to ExpectMercury Enters Capricorn! What to Expect
12 Jan.
Starting January 12 and continuing for a period of nearly 3 weeks, the fastest moving-planet in our solar system - Mercury - will find itself within Capricorn's territory. Since the earth sign is linked to consistency...

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