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What the Zodiac Signs Should Expect This Week

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Beginning this Monday, the planet of aggression and ambitions, Mars, goes into Pisces and will be active in the water sign until February 20. A square between Saturn and Mars will incite us to break the law.

Aries - You will be more passive and humble

Throughout the week your bellicose side will be tamed because your sign ruler transitions into the calmer Pisces. In this period you will be more passive and your dreams - clearer and even prophetic. Due to the square between Mars and Saturn, problems with officials and authorities are possible in the middle of the week. It is recommended you travel more on the weekends.


Taurus - You receive aid and support at work

Because of the conjunction between Venus and Mercury, it is possible that you will meet a person with common interests at the beginning of the week. You can rest assured that you will receive the necessary aid and support at work. You will communicate easily with your coworkers and you may form new friendships by January 18.

Gemini - Expect a week of love

This week you may begin a new love romance since your sign ruler, Mercury, forms a favorable aspect with Venus. The relationship will be lasting and if you've had doubts pertaining to the object of your affection, you will dispel them completely during the week. The transition of Mars into Pisces will have an effect on your career, so be prepared for greater competition in this period.

Cancer - You will seek variety

Mars goes into Pisces, your kindred sign, this Monday, leading you to think more about travel. Try to take your mind off of things even with a short break during this week. In the days until January 18th, you will seek more variety in your love life but your partner will not meet your expectations.

Leo - Financial problems await you

Problems with credit or other debt may arise this week. To handle the tense situation with your financial dealings you will need to seek the help of loved ones. You need to be more flexible and look for different ways of solving the problems.


Virgo - Prepare for conflicts in the family

While Mars is in Pisces, you will have the strong desire to compete with those around you and especially with your romantic partner. Expect huge family conflicts during the week, where an older person will instigate drama. If you be more diplomatic, you will easily handle the issues.

Libra - Expect praise and criticism

The moon will be in your sign at the start of the week, due to which you will receive both praise and great criticism. It is not recommended for you to bring drama at the workplace. Because of the favorable aspect between Venus and Mercury, singles of this zodiac sign will have fun with mild flirtations.

Scorpio - Be discreet this week

The transition of Mars into Pisces will make you more active an energetic until February 20th. You will enjoy excellent results if you set clear-cut goals. You need to be discreet in your tasks and not discuss your plans, except with those closest to you. Singles may meet a suitable partner this week.

Sagittarius - A suitable time for home renovations

Because of Mars's motion you will have a strong desire for changes until February 20. The energy of the planet will help you if you decide to renovate your home. The conjunction between the Moon and Saturn at the end of the week advises you to be specific and keep to the promises you've given loved ones.

Capricorn - Look toward your goals

This week, expect news from a loved one who lives far away from you. All you need to do is maintain your calm since the tense aspects between the planets may provoke further strain in your love relationship. If you have plans that are awaiting their realization, now would be the time to focus on them since you will have plenty of energy to fulfill your goals.


Aquarius - A good mood and wonderful news throughout the week

You will enjoy a good and upbeat mood the entire week. However, some representatives of the sign may encounter disparities in their arrangements with old friends. In the days until January 18, you can expect good news regarding projects you've begun some time ago.

Pisces - You become ambitious and enterprising

Beginning this week until February 20, the presence of Mars in your sign will disrupt the smooth rhythm of your daily life. The energy of the red planet will make you more ambitious and enterprising so that you can boldly defend your ideas. Expect support in the tasks you've taken up.