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These Dreams Indicate That You`ll Soon Start a Passionate Relationship

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Several symbols in our dreams foretell of us meeting a person with whom we'll share raging emotions. If passion has been lacking in your life lately, the dreams described below mark the end of this period.

Check to see what the symbols are that indicate that you won't remain alone for long, that you'll meet someone with whom to share your days and nights.

With these dreams, your subconscious hints that you'll soon find a person to have at your side, while your relationship will be loaded with passion.

If you dream this, fate predicts potent emotions, a new crush that will take you out of the dull routine.

1. Dance

Dancing is a symbol of sexual energy and if you're dancing in a dream, you're sure to meet a partner very soon. If the dance is a slow and gentle one, your relationship won't experience any severe turnarounds and surprises. If it is a quick and intense dance, you're going to feel as if you're on a roller coaster.

2. Swing

Swinging is a symbol of pleasure, while the swing itself is a metaphor for fierce emotions and happiness. So if you see yourself in a swing in your dream, expect adventures on the love front. You're going to begin a passionate relationship that'll push everything else behind itself.


3. Car accident

If you witness a car accident in your dream, fate may soon bring you together with someone who will infuse passion into your life. You may also meet each other under surprising circumstances, at an event you hadn't planned on attending.

4. Watermelon

If you're eating watermelon in your dream, you're soon going to start enjoying an amazing love life. It's likely that a person from your social circle is experiencing strong feelings toward you but is afraid to admit them. A dream with a watermelon signifies that you're going to find out about their secret interest.

5. Snake

A snake in a dream is not a particularly pleasant symbol but actually portends something beautiful, usually related to love. If you're a woman, you may meet a caring and intelligent man but do not trust him completely before you get to know him because that first impression could just be an illusion.