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Mercury Enters Capricorn! What to Expect

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Starting January 12 and continuing for a period of nearly 3 weeks, the fastest moving-planet in our solar system - Mercury - will find itself within Capricorn's territory. Since the earth sign is linked to consistency, willpower and patience, these same will be the qualities that we need to express when communicating in the coming days.

In astrology, the planet closest to the Sun is seen as a symbol of communication, trade, way of thinking, information and intellect.

As it travels through earthly Capricorn, the planet will demand we act more practically and responsibly in every one of these fields. You must speak only if you're absolutely sure of your words and trust only information you've double-checked.

When it comes to the ideas that Mercury reigns over, it's important for us to think over everything carefully, so that we're satisfied with the results at the end. Our whims may be a bit more difficult to realize but success will be longer-lasting and more satisfying through them.

Mercury in Capricorn provokes us to look to the more distant future when making plans and not just settle for temporary success but try to conquer the greatest peaks possible.


Capricorn is the strict and serious sign in the zodiac, who follows the rules and slowly but surely reaches every one of his goals. Mercury in its territory makes us be more patient and rational in every situation related to communication and thought.

It's likely that in this period we become more closed off and keep quiet more often out of the fear that we might reveal our greatest weaknesses by communicating.

In the coming weeks, it's important that we seek out concrete real-world facts about everything we see or hear. Having to rely on proof may slow our realizing our ideas but we'll surely achieve what we have in mind.

The opportunities for intellectual development will be aimed toward the practical side of life. It'll be difficult for us to gain new knowledge and new information and we're going to need more composure when communicating with others.

For short-distance travels it's crucial that we don't rush and not be spontaneous. When Mercury is in Capricorn, every trip needs to planned to the smallest detail and organized ahead of time.