The Strangest Religions in the WorldThe Strangest Religions in the World
20 May
worship magical concepts, without worshiping any types of gods. Followers of the cult focus on psychic aspects of the brain, related to innocence and sexuality. The Nation of Yahweh is an African-American religious...
The Macabre Secret of the Cave of SkeletonsThe Macabre Secret of the Cave of Skeletons
21 Oct.
An ominous cave, located not far from the mouth of the Khwae Yai River in the Thai province of Kanchanaburi, has for years on end been the subject of debate between scientists and made numerous people tremble in fear...
Dark Rites of the SummeriansDark Rites of the Summerians
18 Mar.
Magic was the foundation of life in Sumer. The Sumerians worshiped the four cardinal directions and four elements. The main attribute of a magical ritual was cross with a holy idol on it. Each Sumerian magic ritual...
Religious Cultists Smuggle Skulls Inside Teddy BearsReligious Cultists Smuggle Skulls Inside Teddy Bears
24 June
A package containing a few teddy bears, in which there were human skulls and bones, was caught at the Mexico City airport. It is believed that they are used by religious cults. The authorities announced that the...
Faith and Religion Protect us from DepressionFaith and Religion Protect us from Depression
25 July
, state scientists categorically. In the experts' view, this fact may help prevent the occurrence of depressive states in religious people. A recent study proved that there is some connection between spirituality and...
Religion or Science - 2 Theories about Our ExistenceReligion or Science - 2 Theories about Our Existence
20 Apr.
religious persons, the words of the Bible are the revelations of life, which do not need experiments to be proven. In a sense, religion tells us not to ask questions, not to doubt the scriptures, because by doubting...
Great Pyramid of CholulaGreat Pyramid of Cholula
24 June
massive structure, greater even than the pyramids in Egypt, by volume. It had hosted religious rites of human sacrifice, even of children. Eventually, however, the pyramid was abandoned and forgotten and it disappears...
Nostradamus: the Savior is Coming in 2016!Nostradamus: the Savior is Coming in 2016!
30 Mar.
. According to Nostradamus, a new religious teaching will emerge from Russia in 2016. It will quickly spread and manage to unite all other religions into one. In this way, within just several years, the entire world will start to...
Interpretation of Dreams in ChristianityInterpretation of Dreams in Christianity
26 July
. Basically the religion christianity interprets dreams concerning the will of God as the type two dream - the Warning dreams. Religious interpretation of dreams leaves room for symbolic interpretation, this is...
Since 1993 to current dateSince 1993 to current date
12 Aug.
which I have coinsidered professional. I have avoided dream interpretation books as well as religions so as not to taint my findings. It was not till 1998 that my research led me to religion since it was the oldest known...
The Ming Dynasty - Rise and FallThe Ming Dynasty - Rise and Fall
13 Jan.
predominant religion was Confucianism. A common phenomenon in the religious life of the Ming dynasty era was the existence of local cults among the people, along with the official religion. During this period, the...
Human sacrifices in PeruHuman sacrifices in Peru
14 May
The most controversial of modern rites of ancient South American societies, is human sacrifice. Information about the victims, however, is deficient. To help with this, comes physical anthropology that tells us more...
Make your Wishes Come True Using Nothing More than a Ring! Here`s HowMake your Wishes Come True Using Nothing More than a Ring! Here`s How
06 Mar.
take advantage of the extraordinary properties of rings, you don't need to be an expert in performing magical rites. After all, it is an entire science and not everyone is well familiar with it. All you need to know...
The Misconceptions about Satan, Created by Pop CultureThe Misconceptions about Satan, Created by Pop Culture
21 Oct.
religious and natural fears to scare us. Here are some of the misconceptions about Satan that have been created by pop culture. The Church of Satan does not worship the Devil According to the latest information...
The City That`s Disappearing into the Sands with its Ancient ManuscriptsThe City That`s Disappearing into the Sands with its Ancient Manuscripts
23 June
collection of manuscripts. Travelers saw Chinguetti as an oasis, where they could take a well-deserved rest. The city was also a hub for pilgrims on their way to Mecca. Thousands passed through it to exchange religious...

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