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Indian Man has Been Living for 38 Years with Hand Raised to Shiva

Indian Man

As well all know, there are all kinds of religions existing on our planet, with their followers conducting a vast range of rituals in an attempt to prove the power of their faith. Many zealous worshipers give up worldly pleasures, live in complete isolation and sleep in uncomfortable positions to show that they are entirely devoted to their faith.

But one Indian man, intent on serving the god Shiva, has even proven that he's capable of willingly depriving himself of his own arm in the name of his religious beliefs. For 38 years he's kept his arm raised in the air, all while fully knowing what he's doing to himself, report foreign press.

The man who has become famous worldwide with his strange decision is called Sadhu Amar Bharati. Even though many would see his behavior as crazy, in his homeland he is considered a saint.

The peculiar Indian man claims to have kept his limb in a vertical position since 1973, causing it to atrophy. Many might see Bharati's arm simply as a useless appendage but for many of his fellow countrymen it is a symbol of the devotees to the god Shiva.

According to those who are close to the Indian ascetic, he had been living a normal way of life up until the year 1970 - he went to work, cared for his children and wife. Then suddenly something happened and he decided to devote himself entirely to the god Shiva. From that day on, he forsook his former life and began wandering the country, dressed in rags.

Shortly after he decided that he could distance himself even further from his worldly life by raising his hand in the air and leaving it in that position, regardless of the pain that would follow. In this way he willingly gave up his limb and crippled himself.