The Water in the World's Oceans is Acidifying at Record RatesThe Water in the World's Oceans is Acidifying at Record Rates
21 Nov.
disturbance", we see acidity in the ocean waters. This is unprecedented in the history of the Earth. The warming of the oceans is a consequence of the heat from the accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. On top of...
Greenland is melting, the ocean is risingGreenland is melting, the ocean is rising
26 Feb.
the causes of the ice melting show that this trend will continue in the near future. If all the ice in Greenland melts, ocean levels will rise by 7 meters....
Why is the Pacific Ocean Called So?Why is the Pacific Ocean Called So?
26 Jan.
The Pacific Ocean, along with adjacent seas takes up an area of 68.9 million sq mi (178.6 million sq km). This means that the Earth's largest ocean comprises nearly 50% of the World Ocean. And if you're still having...
The Misconceptions about Satan, Created by Pop CultureThe Misconceptions about Satan, Created by Pop Culture
21 Oct.
religious and natural fears to scare us. Here are some of the misconceptions about Satan that have been created by pop culture. The Church of Satan does not worship the Devil According to the latest information...
The Craziest Guinness World RecordsThe Craziest Guinness World Records
26 May
The Guinness Book of World Records was created in the year 1955. For more than 6 decades, people have been trying to find all sorts of creative ways to be the best at something. Every year, the committee that officially...
Assyria - the First World EmpireAssyria - the First World Empire
02 July
state, hated by all of the surrounding peoples. In 615 BC, worn out by the numerous uprisings and civil war, the world's 1st empire was crushed by the unified forces of Media and Babylon. Its cities were razed to the...
The world relies on numbersThe world relies on numbers
03 July
, according to physicists the world would not have appeared. And even if it had occurred, would not be suitable for humans. It turns out that with some time constants, such as the ratio between the mass of electrons and...
The Most Haunted Houses Around the WorldThe Most Haunted Houses Around the World
11 Dec.
Haunted houses, ghostly voices and mysterious happenings. This may sound like something out of a horror film but there are also places around the world that send out chills, even in real life. Today we'll show you some...
The Strangest Wedding Traditions Around the WorldThe Strangest Wedding Traditions Around the World
23 Nov.
areas of the world, the rituals, customs and ceremony itself are exceptionally bizarre. Here are a few examples. Premarital Sex Huts in Cambodia In some of the more remote provinces of Cambodia, locals build...
The Strangest Religions in the WorldThe Strangest Religions in the World
20 May
There are numerous strange religions and cults all over the world. One of these religions is Scientology - a cult formed in the 50s of the last century. Scientologists believe that every person can receive mystical...
The Touching Story of the Ugliest Woman in the WorldThe Touching Story of the Ugliest Woman in the World
18 Nov.
About a century ago, Mary Ann Bevan was proclaimed to be the ugliest woman in the world, after winning a contest designed for the sole purpose of mercilessly making fun of people with physical disabilities. Mary Ann...
The danger of parallel worldsThe danger of parallel worlds
12 Mar.
managed to return home. Living beings from across the other world could see us and hear us, and we would not even guess that we are part of an optical experiment. The term "another world" has been known since ancient...
Scientists Described the World in 2025Scientists Described the World in 2025
05 July
British daily paper Daily Mail with the headline The World in 2025: 10 Predictions in Innovation. The authors of the document anticipate that technologies will reach their peak in the next decade. Their predictions are...
Most venomous snakes in the worldMost venomous snakes in the world
10 Oct.
of the most venomous and deadly snakes in the world. It has three main varieties, Papuan Taipan (oxyuranus s. canni), Western or Inland Taipan (oxyuranus microlepidotus) and frequent and Coastal Taipan (oxyuranus...
World Wonders: The Great Wall of ChinaWorld Wonders: The Great Wall of China
16 Sept.
to 20th centuries, the glory of the Great Wall of China attracts many tourists. During the 20th century they began restoration in 1987 and was declared a world cultural heritage. Today part of the Great Wall of China Covers approximately 80 kilometers from Beijing, taking thousands and thousands of tourists every day....

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