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Bizarre! The Oldest Things in the World

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We may rarely actually think about how old our planet really is. But have you ever thought about how many old things are in it as well? Such as, for example, what is the oldest whiskey? Or how old was the oldest-living person? Here you will find answers to the most curious questions regarding the oldest things in the world.

The oldest university - the University of al-Qarawiyyin, in the Moroccan city of Fez, which was founded in 859 BC. The university still operates today.

The oldest whiskey - a bottle of Glenavon Special Liqueur Whisky. It was bottled sometime between 1851 and 1858, with the exact date impossible to determine.

The oldest tattoo - the skin of the "ice man" or Ötzi, found in 1991, has 57 tattoos. The age of the mummified body was calculated to about 5300 years.

Ice Man

The oldest clock without a clock face - at the cathedral in Salisbury, England. It was built in the year 1386.

The oldest man to conquer Everest - the Japanese man, Yuichiro Miura, who reached the summit, was at the delicate age of 80 years and 223 days.

The oldest automobile in the world - La Marquise, built in 1884. Manufactured by the French company De Dion-Bouton, it is a 4 seater with a steam engine.

The oldest ocean - currently, this title is believed to be held by the Pacific Ocean. It's about 200 million years old.

The oldest satellite still in orbit - Vanguard 1, launched in March 1958. It was the first solar-powered artificial satellite to be sent into Space. NASA lost communication with it in 1964 but it still orbits Earth.

The oldest confirmed person to ever live in the world - Jeanne Louise Calment, born in February 21, 1875, lived to be 122 years and 164 days old and died on August 4, 1997.

The oldest intelligence agency - the ever-so popular MI6 or British Secret Intelligence Service. It began operation in 1909 and still functions today.


The oldest lake - Lake Baikal, which formed about 20-25 million years ago, as a result of tectonic activity. What's noteworthy here is that the lake expands by about 1" (2 cm) annually.

The oldest carpet in the world - the Pazyryk carpet, woven around the 5th century BC. It was discovered in the Altai Mountains and was most likely made in the territory of Ancient Persia. Today it is kept in the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg.