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The 10 Most Secret Sites in the World

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Man has not only become familiar with his planet Earth but has also privatized and created his own secret areas. There are many cities, locations, even entire islands, where trespassing is strictly prohibited. Here are the 10 most impressive locales on the planet, where you probably won't ever be able to enter.

Ise Grand Shrine - Jingū, Japan

It is located in the middle of a national park in the country. It houses unique national treasures, with the Sacred Mirror considered to be the most valuable. It is a symbol of imperial religion. Only priests and members of the imperial family are allowed to enter Ise - Jingū. Tourists are only left with a view of the building's roof from afar.

Lascaux Caves, France

In 1940, a team of scientists discovered a unique cave with prehistoric art. In 1948, the complex was opened to visitors. But their numbers grew with each passing day and the site was ultimately closed to prevent deterioration of the cave paintings. Today, the only people allowed in the Lascaux Caves are members of the International Scientific Committee.

The Secret Subway, Moscow

Under the main public Moscow subway lines there is a second, secret subway system. Built at a depth between 164 ft (50 m) and 656 ft (200 m), it was designed to provide a hiding spot for the families of the leaders of the politburo and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Niihau Island, Hawaii

Also known as the Forbidden Island. The 7th largest island in Hawaii has been the property of the Robinson family since 1863. They are the only ones allowed to visit the unique island. There are no freeways, electricity, phone or internet on it. This has allowed the environment there to remain untouched by modern civilization.


Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, China

The museum is located in the city of Nanjing. Only natural-born Chinese citizens who live in China are allowed in the building. It is believed to house blueprints for secret weapons and other secret things restricted to foreigners.

Poveglia Island, Italy

The island was abandoned in 1378, due to the attacks of the Genoan fleet. Since then, access to it has been limited. During the plague epidemic, bodies were transported to Poveglia and burned. Later, a mental hospital was built there. Rumors go that one of the chief physicians conducted horrible experiments with the ill. Today, the more superstitious believe that the island is haunted by ghosts.

Negev Nuclear Research Center, Israel

In the Israeli Negev desert there sits a secret nuclear research facility. It was built jointly with France in 1957. Since civilians are not allowed near it, it is assumed that the facility is used by the Israeli government to create an all-powerful nuclear weapon. In response, authorities remain silent.

The Vatican


Some of the most top secret documents in the world are kept in the Vatican. The Pope is the only one allowed access. The occult literature stored in the Vatican is not accessible to even foremost occult researchers.

Area 51, USA

The military base in the state of Nevada has transformed into the proverbial example of secret locations around the world. This is where they develop and test secret new aircraft and weapons systems. Even commercial flights over the territory are strictly prohibited.

Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, Ethiopia

Built way back in 371, it still operates to this day. Even though you are allowed to walk around the holy territory, no one's allowed to enter the chapel of the church. Contained therein is a unique artifact - a chest called the Ark of the Covenant. Legend goes that it houses the Ten Commandments, a pot of manna and Aaron's holy rod. The relics are entrusted to a single monk in the entire world - the Guardian. The Ark is considered a gift from God. The Guardian does not leave the boundaries of the church and is not allowed to speak to strangers.