Great Pyramid of CholulaGreat Pyramid of Cholula
24 June
The pyramid in Cholula is a massive structure, greater even than the pyramids in Egypt, by volume. It had hosted religious rites of human sacrifice, even of children....
Archeologists estimated the birthday of the Great PyramidArcheologists estimated the birthday of the Great Pyramid
16 Sept.
There is a proposal that the Great Pyramid which is one of the seven wonders of the world to be included in the emblem of Giza....
The Evolution of Deadly Cholera has Been DeterminedThe Evolution of Deadly Cholera has Been Determined
06 Mar.
Even though very few people die from cholera nowadays, it remains one of the most dangerous infections....
Secrets of the Cheops pyramidSecrets of the Cheops pyramid
20 June
And we still only hope that soon a great mind will be able to unveil the mystery of the greatest surviving wonder of the world - the Great Pyramid....
Ancient pyramid inaugurated in EgyptAncient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt
29 Nov.
Furthermore the foundation of a pyramid called 'pyramid number 29' near Sakar Necropolis was discovered and was famous for it alley of the sphinxes....
Pyramids on MarsPyramids on Mars
30 Nov.
The pictures obtained from space cameras clearly show numerous large objects with conical and pyramidal shape that resemble the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids....
Ancient Egyptian PyramidsAncient Egyptian Pyramids
25 Feb.
The \'great\' pyramid one of the three was actually known at one time to be the tallest in the world!...
Lost Chinese pyramidsLost Chinese pyramids
05 Dec.
These measures go beyond the measures of the Great Pyramid in Egypt....
How the Great Caravaggio DiedHow the Great Caravaggio Died
21 Sept.
They concluded that the virus that killed the great Caravaggio was Staphylococcus Aureus. Caravaggio's art imitated his life - unrestrained, loaded with bright emotions and deprivation....
Owls have a great imaginationOwls have a great imagination
06 Jan.
It was also found that 'early birds' are generally people of logic and specifics, but 'owls' have the great imagination and have many talents in different fields....
The Pyramids in BosniaThe Pyramids in Bosnia
02 Oct.
The tallest of the pyramids, when it was thought that they were mountains, bore the name Visocica, but was later renamed by the archaeologist as the Pyramid of the Sun. This pyramid is taller than the Great Pyramid....
Mayan Civilization and PyramidsMayan Civilization and Pyramids
03 Aug.
Cholula: This Pyramid without doubt has earnt its right to be given the name \'the great pyramid of cholula\'....
The history of Peter the GreatThe history of Peter the Great
22 Sept.
He declared himself Emperor Peter the Great and is one of the greatest Russian rulers. He continued his reforms throughout his rule....
Alexander the Great and ancient EgyptAlexander the Great and ancient Egypt
29 Nov.
Egyptian pharaohs were considered gods on earth and massive pyramids, temples and monuments were erected to express their glory....
Scientists Spot 3-Mile Pyramid on CeresScientists Spot 3-Mile Pyramid on Ceres
24 June
The images that the probe sent back days ago show bright spots, as well as a nearly 3-mile high pyramidal structure....

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