Why Women are More Depressed and Sad During a Full Moon


The full moon has a very profound effect on the female part of humanity.

It is not fully clear why it happens to women but during a full moon the majority of women feel tense, sad for no reason and can even fall into a depression.

During a full moon the dark thoughts and negative outlook make women act very strange and deny them the ability to work as they normally would throughout the other moon phases.

Depression during a full moon is classified as a periodic mental disorder and is linked to the cyclical seasonal and cosmic factors.


The mechanism of their effect on the psyche of women is still not known.

During a full moon many women can't sleep well and wake up before dawn. At that time their depression and sadness are especially intense.

Only at around 5 pm does this feeling abate and it's as if the weight that the woman has been sensing on her soul disappears.

During a full moon the human body, especially the female's, is vulnerable to dark thoughts. This is the period when most mistakes are made.

Women react sensitively during a full moon to things that wouldn't hurt them at any other time.

When the moon is full, women are tormented by fears, by doubt and regrets and cry for long periods without there seemingly being any reason for this. They are affected by every word and it's extremely difficult to communicate with them.

Their male partners experience particular hardships since any question or joke can induce tears in their sweetheart.

Whatever decision a women makes during a full moon she will be plagued by doubt about whether she has chosen correctly and whether she should have made a completely different decision. That is why women shouldn't take on responsibilities and make important decisions during a full moon.

Psychologists advise women not to get stuck on negative memories because this will worsen their depressive state even further.

What's advised during this period is getting together with friends, pleasant experiences and most important of all - the woman must not be alone so she isn't constantly thinking negative things.

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