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Depression Debilitates us During a Full Moon

Jana G.Jana G.

It has been found that during a full moon, people who are more sensitive become more nervous and can fall into depressive states. And if they are already depressed, a full moon completely drains their body.

The human body is at its lowest vital activity during a full moon and often that is exactly when dark thoughts begin to haunt us. That is precisely the time when we make the biggest mistakes in our lives.

Our perceptions are heightened during the full moon, our sensitivity toward everything negative and dark increases. That is why people who are more susceptible to depression, react severely to situations during a full moon, which they would at other times never even notice.

Afterwards, anyone who has reacted too harshly cannot understand what had made them act in such a way.

When a full moon occurs, we are plagued by various fears, melancholy and our depression becomes ever more severe, even leading to thoughts of suicide.

That is why it is especially important to be in the company of a good friend if you've noticed that you're succumbing to depression. A friend can protect you from dark thoughts, help you take your mind off of things and stop you from doing something stupid.


But this friend needs to be a very good one, because you may mistreat them as well because of the mood swings born out of the full moon.

Persons who suffer from depression are usually tormented by insomnia, they may get nervous tics, spasms and even seizures during a full moon.

During this particular moon phase, people suffering from depression may also feel nauseous, have difficulty breathing and often cry for no reason.

During a full moon depression you may lose your appetite and constantly feel dizzy. This may lead to weight loss and decreased immunity. So be sure to eat more citrus fruits during a full moon if you are depressed, since they are sour and will deliver you from that nauseous feeling, and plus will charge you with plenty of vitamins.

If you cannot sleep, consult an expert and if necessary, try homeopathic medicine to overcome your insomnia.