New Date Set for the Apocalypse - September 22 and 28


The end of the world seems to elude us every time. We've had similar prophecies for the years 1999, 2000, 2004 and 2012. And as you might expect, a new prediction claims that the end is looming close once again. The world is supposed to end this fall, between September 22 and 28.

With this piece of news, Puerto Rican pastor Efrain Rodriguez has stirred up the Internet these past few days. He claims that humanity has mere days left before the Apocalypse.

Rodriguez claims that he has received this information directly from God. God has enlightened him that an asteroid will crash near Puerto Rico this fall. Worldwide, a series of earthquakes and tsunamis will be caused by the impact.

There will completely annihilate South and Central America, the US and Mexico. The natural disasters in the aftermath will engulf the entire planet and wipe out life everywhere.

The peace of mind that the Puerto Rican pastor gives is that not all humans will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. The human race will be continued by a group of Illuminati, who are also aware of the upcoming event. After the Apocalypse, they will bring in their New World Order.

The conspiracy theories don't end there and according to them, the majority of politicians, especially among the superpowers, know about the coming of the end. But they have been forced not reveal this to the rest of humanity, to avoid sowing panic.

But it was indeed panic that the prophecies of pastor Efrain Rodriguez spread. The rumors were so persistent that days ago NASA had to come out with an official statement, in it explaining that there exists no asteroid threat for the Earth.


Representatives from NASA even guaranteed that no cosmic objects will be getting in our planet's way in the next few centuries.

But at the same time, American scientist James Camerton announced that based on numerous archaeological finds, Earth has already witnessed this type of end of civilizations.

He postulates that life on Earth has risen twice - all of it had previously died off, eventually being seeded once again. His idea is based on discovered flora and fauna, currently unknown to us and apparently existing during a past period of civilization on Earth.

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