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Apocalypse postponed for 2036

Apocalypse postponed for 2036

Good news flew from Russia in the first days of 2010. According to local scientists the end of the world will be after 2 years as predicted by the Mayans so will fall in 2036, RIA News reported.

The apocalypse will occur after the asteroid Apophis is faced by our planet.

Space objects whose diameter is 350 meters, is expected to enter Earth's atmosphere. According to scientists in its collision with our planet, an area of modern France will be deleted.

Better to spend several million dollars for an early warning system for planetary catastrophes, rather than admit ignorance of thousands of people to die, noted the head of the Russian Space Agency Anatoly Perminov.

Not of the same opinion in NASA. Americans are optimists.

The new data and techniques of calculations indicate that the probability of the Apophis can be broken down to Earth on April 13th, 2036, NASA reported.