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Numerology Horoscope for September


In order to find out what numerology foretells about you throughout the month of September, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of your date, month and year of birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number or the numbers 11 and 22.

1 - Focus on your goals this month and don't let anything distract you. This applies both to your work, as well as your love life. Do not fear competition, because only by meeting it head on will you reach the top. Remain calm and patient throughout the month.

2 - You will be very irritable this month and quick to anger. Even though things won't go according to plan, it's best not to play the role of the victim, rather try to be more flexible. Have a good time by going to lunch with a person you like, take a walk to the library or buy something new.

3 - This month you will be filled with ideas that you are ready to realize. However, your bosses won't agree with everything you have planned. You need to fight for and defend your intentions, because that is how you will win the respect of others around you and great freedom in your actions.

4 - September will be an exceptionally romantic month for you. It's possible for you to cross paths with a more special person these coming days. If you're already in a relationship, seek aid from your partner about a question you've been wondering about. This month you will work great as a team.

5 - Relax and have fun this month. In the past few days you've been entirely focused on work and now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you have someone by your side, you can go somewhere together. If you're single, look for a partner that makes you laugh. Throughout the month, follow your creative impulse.

6 - During September, you need to organize and clean out everything old around you. You will fall into a lethargic state if you are surrounded by things that are of no use to you. Look for a job or something to occupy yourself with this month because such efforts will bring success.

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7 - Step out of your routine and try something new this month. You can sign up for a sport or class, by which to gain new skills. You have a vast intellect, make use of it in order to grow. Variety needs to be imparted in your relations with your partner as well. Experiment with new things in sex.

8 - This month you need to spend more time with your family. For now, leave work aside and focus on your friends and relatives. Go out more often and show greater interest toward the people you care about.

9 - Throughout the month you need to get rid of a bad habit or something else that's getting in your way, in order to self improve. A friend will urge you to be more responsible. Do not sign any documents or contracts without first consulting with an expert, because the consequences will be quite serious.

11 - Dedicate your time to a humanitarian project, which would fully unleash your talents, in September. If an old undertaking has failed, leave it behind and start something new. If you play your cards right in the professional aspect, you will also gain more money.

22 - You will want to laze around more this month but this won't happen. Besides the challenges you will face, your friends will also seek your aid. You need to set aside the tasks that are a priority for you to prevent yourself from falling into complete chaos.