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Your Exact Horoscope for the Month of September


Throughout the first month of autumn, we're going to have to stock up on more patience, as various little obstacles will appear in the way of our dreams. Jupiter will change its sign from Virgo to Libra, thereby bringing harmony, and after the Full Moon in Pisces we're going to have better success in our tasks.

Aries - You'll be subjected to intense stress.

This month will be tense for you and you're going to have to do everything in your power to combat the stress in the physical and emotional aspects. Focus on your responsibilities in the first week of September and try to complete them by paying attention to every detail. Starting from the middle of the month, you're going to have many opportunities for beneficial partnerships - in the business and love aspect. Set aside more time for yourself and your spiritual development toward the end of the month.

Taurus - New projects with your children and family await.


At the start of the month you're going to have to focus on your children and family. New projects, which you'll have to begin in these aspects of your life, will also be a source of tension in your everyday life. However, you cannot ignore them and so you have to mobilize and get to work on them. In the middle of the month, look for excellent opportunities at the workplace. During the 2nd half of September, you may experience problems with your circle of friends, causing your emotional distress.

Gemini - Tension at home and with the family.

September will begin with tension at home and with the family. You'll feel that your security is threatened and that no one can tend to your emotional needs. Do everything possible to bring your harmony back and do not make radical decisions under any circumstances. Beginning mid-month, it'll be easier for you to find the love around you and this will act as a source of inspiration and fun, allowing you to enjoy life. At the end of the month you're going to have to focus on your career, where you'll have to get rid of some bad habits.

Cancer - Difficulties related to education and travels await.

Your relationship with your brothers or sisters will face tension at the beginning of September. Conflicts and misunderstandings are possible, for which you'll have to stock up on patience. This month you won't be able to rely on your communication skills, so just leave yourself to your intuition. Beginning mid-month, you'll enjoy better harmony in the family setting and at home. At the end of the month you're going to have to prepare yourself for difficulties related to education or travels abroad, which you won't be able to avoid.

Leo - Be more penny-wise.

You have to be very careful with your money this month and limit your spending as much as possible, to avoid serious financial collapse. Opportunities for better income may arise but you'll have to fight for them tooth and nail. Your ideas will be met with great support starting mid-September. If you're working in the fields of media, communication and writing, you're going to have huge success. Unforeseen expenses may appear toward the end of the month, which you'll quench quickly if you organize properly.

Virgo - You have opportunities for a better future.

This month you won't be able to start important changes in your life. Opportunities for a better future will arise at the very start of the month but will require serious diligence and sacrifice on your part. Accept the changes and don't hesitate too long because you may miss your lucky shot. Starting from the middle of September, you'll be able to prove your talents more definitively and thus increase your income. Toward September's end, prepare for problems in your romantic relationship.

Libra - Don't share your ideas with others.


Work on your projects alone at the start of the month and avoid sharing your ideas with others, as you may fail if you reveal them to the wrong individuals. You may not find it particularly appealing to isolate yourself but do it for your own good. From the middle of the month, you're going to have more control over your own destiny and will be able to rely on tremendous luck to start anything you desire. At the end of September, your turbulent emotions will draw you into serious dramas.

Scorpio - The hardest month of the year lies before you.

September will be the most difficult month of the year for you but will also teach you important life lessons. At the beginning of the month, tension will come from your social circle - friends and coworkers. You're on your way to great change but it will not come easily. Starting from the middle of the month, you can bet on enormous success when meeting new people. You can begin new projects without any worries because there's no danger of messing up. At the end of September, be ready for a fresh dose of emotional challenges related to your kids or partner.

Sagittarius - Expect a dynamic month.

Prepare for immense dynamism this month, one that will begin from your own career. At the start of the month, problems will arise at the workplace - ones related to severe quantities of stress, confusion and quarrels. But the difficult moments will allow you to move forward in your career. At mid-month, fate will provide you plenty of benefits from your social contacts. Working as part of a group will allow you to reach your goals more easily. A family drama or problems at home are possible at the end of September, which will lead you to change your pre-made schedule.

Capricorn - Problems will come one after the other.

At the start of the month, opportunities for traveling abroad or educational courses may arise but the actual going through with them won't be at all easy. Problems will rain down one after the other and you'll have to remain levelheaded in order to solve them. Starting mid-month, you'll be able to show your very best at the workplace and move up in your career. Stay away from impulsive decisions at the end of the month and don't sign any contracts before reading them very carefully beforehand.

Aquarius - Pay off your old debts.

Even though you're not going to like the changes throughout this month (they'll bring tension as well), they are for your own good. At the start of the month, credit-related debt or old loans you still haven't paid off will cause stress. Organize your finances well and try to pay off every single debt. The middle of the month is going to give you the opportunity to finish the education you've abandoned some time ago. You can rely on good luck in all projects related to training. At the end of the month, you'll have to focus more on your finances and decide whether spending money is wise at that time.

Pisces - You're going to face huge obstacles.


Even though you have big plans for the future with your partner, you're going to encounter severe obstacles along the way, especially at the beginning of the month. You have to be patient and not rush the change because it would cost you dearly in that case. Let things work themselves out. Beginning the middle of the month, you're going to enjoy a better financial state but not from the money you have earned yourself but rather those from a loved one or from a shared investment. Heated arguments with the people around you are possible at the end of the month.