Benefits and Properties of Emerald

emerald ring

The emerald, also known as "smaragd", is a transparent variety of beryl with a saturated green color that is very rare and is considered a precious stone of the highest caliber. Ornaments with it have been used even in ancient Egypt, where some of the 1st emeralds were dug up.

The emerald, sacred stone of the goddess Venus, is considered a guardian of love and romance. It brings happiness, faith, improves memory and clairvoyant abilities. It also aids intuition, communication and increases loyalty. Even back in antiquity it was believed that this exceptionally rare and special precious stone had a mind of its own.

That is why there exists the belief that if a man in love gives the gift of a smaragd to his woman, she will be loyal to him forever. Further, there has been no small number of women throughout the centuries that have chosen this crystal as a wedding stone because its harmonious energy and green color were said to make relationships more successful and to encourage family happiness.

Emeralds attract wealth, stamp out lust and provide peace to the owner. Astrologers claim that the precious stone will help nervous and sensitive people deal with stress and expose fraud and trickery.

Smaragds are famous for being able to regenerate the heart. They also help with back pains. To provide treatment, the healer needs to use an emerald ring, while the patient lies on their stomach. The healer must then make circular motions up and down the spinal column a couple inches above it, without actually touching the skin.


Emeralds possess antibacterial properties. If you were to place an emerald in a glass of water then you can drink it without filtering or boiling it. There are heaps of evidence that water with emerald helps with eye diseases as well. But this should only be practiced once a month during the full moon because that's when the stone unlocks all of its energy and power.

After it sits in the glass overnight, the affected person needs to rinse their eyes out with the emerald water. Additionally, it's believed to lower fever, help treat inflammation, fight infections, as well as be beneficial for bladder and urinary tract diseases.

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