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Meaning and Properties of Red Coral

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Red Coral

Many years ago our ancestors thought coral to be a plant, earning it the name "the garden of the sea". According to the ancient Greeks, when Perseus cut off the head of Medusa the Gorgon, a few drops of her blood fell into the sea.

This led to the creation of the red coral. The ancient Egyptians would place red coral in their tombs to protect them from evil.

They believed that each piece of coral contained a drop of holy blood. In the legends we also see that people were convinced that Mars was made up of red coral.

For millennia, coral has been used to make decorative art pieces and different types of jewelry. It is a symbol of happiness and luck. The belief is that anyone who wears it will truly enjoy life.

Coral is not actually a plant. It consists of the skeletal remains of aquatic animals called coral polyps. Most corals consist of calcium carbonate.

Red coral is the most highly valued and has been used for thousands of years to craft some of the most precious jewelry.

After being polished, the coral begins to shine like glass. One of the downsides is that when they are taken out of their natural environment and processed, corals become especially sensitive to heat and acids and their color fades with time.

Red Coral Stones

Coral in general is the stone of the zodiac sign of Pisces. However, red coral is associated with Scorpio. Its mystical properties are due to its organic origin, making it suitable for rituals to connect with nature.

For the Pueblo Indians, red coral is one of the 4 elements: corals, jet, abalone and turquoise. According to many it has the capability to soothe the emotions and bring inner peace. It helps believers understand and realize mysticism. It can be used to communicate with the ancient worlds.

One of the beliefs goes that if you dream of red coral, you will soon fall ill. It is said that it has the greatest influence on the root chakra. Furthermore, red corals have long been seen as beneficial in treating psychological problems and anemia.

They are said to have the ability to strengthen the circulatory system and bones of the body. Some use them to stimulate tissue regeneration.