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Meaning and Properties of Green Agate

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Green Agate

Agate has many forms. It forms in concentric layers in a wide variety of colors and textures. In antiquity, it was among the highest prized materials for talismans and amulets.

It was believed to have the ability to quench thirst and protect against fever. Persian magicians used agate to prevent storms.

The power of agate lies in protection, bravery, long life, love and various healing properties. Its numerous types are vaguely discernible by color and markings. Each one of them has traditional energetic sources.

Green agate brings it wearer prosperity, long life, luck and affluence. Its element is Earth. It is said to aid for better breathing and perfect vision. Many use green agate against infertility. Green agate with downy fibers brings a good agricultural harvest.

When it comes to the healing properties of agate, it is among the most ancient known stones used for luck and healing. It helps against pancreatic diseases.

Green Agate Stone

It is used to improve circulation. According to folk beliefs, agate protects from powerful storms and tempests. If worn by children it shields them from danger.

Green or moss agate possesses markings that often look similar to moss or wood branches. It is considered the most powerful of all agates and is called the "stone of the warrior" since it reduces tension, gets rid of pain and fear. In modern times it is seen as suitable support in the world of business.

Moss agate is the stone of a new beginning. It frees the spirit from its bonds and inspires it. It reduces sensitivity to atmospheric conditions and environmental pollutants.

It provides its bearer the strength to reconcile with others. It balances the emotions and gives the opportunity for self-expression and communication.

When worn as a talisman or amulet, moss agate brings abundance. If made into jewelry, it grants its wearer health, friends and wealth.

It enhances concentration and brings success in one's undertakings. It attracts material abundance and heightens self-value and self-esteem. This is the stone of the Taurus zodiac sign.