Destiny of the Cancer Ascendant


Individuals belonging to the Cancer ascendant can boast of their pure openness, caring and emotionality.

People with a Cancer ascendant are sociable and loyal. Affable to everyone, they always find common ground. Temperamental in character but easygoing by nature. Often they chase away others but never pursue their own interests. They wish for the well-being of others, often completely forgetting about their own selves.

Their ability to communicate with anyone, regardless of sex, race, religion and social status, sets them apart as natural born psychologists.

They are always well received by any and all cliques. But this is at times a heavy responsibility, since others burden them with their problems, leading to a tendency of shared guilt.

Besides being empathetic toward others, folks under this ascendant have no issues about others meddling in their affairs. They are not very proactive, preferring to let circumstances develop on their own.


When they feel emotionally secure they have no problems about not being fulfilled. They have difficulties making cardinal decisions when it comes to change and only do it when they truly find something better.

The personal space of a person with a Cancer ascendant is expressed in home comfort and relaxation. Still, they love traveling and variety. They don't like being tied down too much.

Their exceptionally kind character makes them unguarded in their relations with other people. Many of them end up in either of 2 extremes - they either attach themselves to the point of dependence or isolate themselves from others.

They might seem very open to the world but the majority of them are self-absorbed in their own world with things that give their life meaning and don't need anything else.

Professionally they seek challenges. If there are none, they abruptly change their job or career. Financial, as well as emotional security, are things they seek in a partner.

This partner must always care for them. They require constant attention and caring, at times becoming annoying with their perpetual nagging about their persona.


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