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Destiny of the Pisces Ascendant

Plamena M.Plamena M.

People falling under the Pisces ascendant possess a characteristic concern for others. They are extraordinarily sensitive and adventurously oriented toward the world and the people around them.

The Pisces ascendant is tremendously patient. This makes these types of people seem passive in the eyes of others. The fact is, they reach their goals in life but with exceptional succession and calm, primarily through the natural flow of events.

Hope plays a leading role in their life. They have a tendency toward major compromises, even with their own opinion, in the name of something greater. This unfortunately often brings them disappointment.

People with a Pisces ascendant have a need of more will and decisiveness. Every one on their actions is selfless, pure and spontaneous.

They dislike conflicts but when they do happen they close themselves off and look to blame themselves. They care for everyone else, putting their own welfare aside.


Outwardly, these individuals are open and adaptable to the world. This results predominantly from the basis of their inner susceptibility to change. They tend to change their mind often, making them difficult to get to know.

To understand their true intentions, you need to be very close with them but even then they may surprise you. Mysterious and impenetrable, they often end up without any friends. It's common for them to shock the world with their unsuspecting character traits and their essence.

The variability of the Pisces ascendant makes these people difficult to place in just one category. Creative, sensitive and wavering are just a few of their character traits.

They often isolate themselves because they choose not to face reality. Their emotions are constantly changing, with this sometimes having a detrimental influence on their choices in life.

The willful persons under this sign unwittingly seek a stable and practical partner since they need someone who will bring them back down to earth. In their relations they are dedicated and sincere.

They express unadulterated caring and attention toward their partner. They receive the needed direction in life from the person by their side. Only after finding their partner do they manage to set clear-cut goals in front of them.