Ufologists: An Extraterrestrial Base is Flying Toward Earth


A team of ufologists claims that an extraterrestrial base is flying toward our planet. The ufologists showed photos of an approaching asteroid, on which the shadow of a black pyramid is visible.

According to the team, aliens are hiding in this pyramid on the celestial object, who are heading toward Earth.

The photographed asteroid is known to astronomers as 1999RQ36. The celestial object has the shape of an egg, weighs about 60 million tons and has a width of 1968 ft (600 m).

A black pyramid is indeed visible in the pictures, one that has not been photographed so far by experts. The ufologists believe that extraterrestrials have built the base on the celestial object in order to mine minerals.


The ufologists' data are based on observations by the Indian Space Research Organisation. The Russian agencies are most impressed by their discovery.

By careful analysis of the photos, from one side the pyramid appears to be a bright spot.

The asteroid 1999RQ36 was found in 1999 and was then calculated to be heading for Earth. Astronomers' data further shows that it will come close to our planet in 168 years.

Initially the experts labeled the asteroid as completely harmless to our planet, but with time, this outlook began to change.


Observations of the celestial body in the past few years have shown that its trajectory changes by 99 miles (160 km) each year and at the moment it is not certain whether the asteroid is heading directly for Earth.

Groups of ufologists have suggested that there are extraterrestrial bases on the moon as well, pointing to photos of Earth's natural satellite as proof.

Earlier this year, a triangular-shaped anomaly was spotted on the moon, which ufologists claimed to be an alien ship.

According to the site Tech and Gadget News, the triangular anomaly could be a type of specialized technology used to launch alien ships toward our planet.

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