Extraterrestrials are Working for NASA
Извънземните работят за НАСА
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Extraterrestrials are Working for NASA


Extraterrestrial civilizations do exist and every day humanity comes across facts that prove this claim. Yet another piece of evidence comes not from just anyone but from Boyd Bushman, a former senior research engineer from Lockheed Martin, writes rt.com

In August 2014, the man shot a video before his death in which he stated that extraterrestrial civilizations not only exist but visit humans at certain times. Based on his words, the extraterrestrials work for NASA and the military in the secret base known as Area 51.

To convince everyone who watches the video of his claims, the engineer uses pictures. In them, there appears to be a creature looking very similar to a child's toy.

In his video, Bushman further explains that he personally has had contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. During one of the encounters, the man asked the creatures to take photographs of their world with a camera. Unfortunately however, once the camera was returned, the photos turned out to be overexposed and the engineer was left empty-handed.

According to Boyd Bushman's accounts, the lifespan of the extraterrestrials is longer than that of humans. They are capable of living up to 200 years. Their anatomy also differs from that of humans - instead of a spinal cord they have 3 cartilage segments.


In addition they have fewer ribs. The engineer explains that the aliens are able to read minds and communicate using telepathy.

Bushman describes them as beings about 4 ft (1.3 m) tall. Their fingers are very similar to ours. He also does not neglect to mention the way in which the extraterrestrials make contact.

"You walk into a room with one of them and all of a sudden you find yourself hearing the answer to your question in your own voice. They are able to use your own voice by telepathy to talk to you, " tells Bushman.

He also goes on to explain that there are good and evil alien beings, just like with humans. Some of them treat the Earth's population with integrity, while others allow themselves to steal people's livestock.

This is not the first time that Boyd Bushman has revealed details regarding extraterrestrials. Some time ago, he shocked the public with his claim that he had worked on a secret operation for the United States army and even took part in the repairs of a crashed flying saucer.



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