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Researcher Finds Mysterious Base on Ocean Bottom

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Researcher and author of UFO Diaries Scott Waring claims to have found a mysterious base located on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Waring believes that the mysterious base is of extraterrestrial origin, who built it in the isolated area in order to land unnoticed on Earth.

The researcher discovered the unusual underwater anomaly using the capabilities of Google Earth.

The mysterious find is located in proximity of the islands Guam and Saipan, that are part of the Mariana Islands in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.


While studying the images from that part of the world, Waring noticed huge walls stretching more than 250 miles along the ocean floor.

The researcher does not exclude the possibility of his discovery being the remains of a lost Asian civilization that sunk beneath the waves in the distant past.

Scott Waring tends to believe that the underwater anomaly is an extraterrestrial base, since the facilities are arranged such that the area can be used without any cause for concern.

For the moment it still cannot be stated with certainty what exactly the Pacific Ocean anomaly in question is.

Even though there exist a number of discoveries that are thought to be extraterrestrial bases, there is still no categorical proof that they are exactly that.


For the past few years, Great Britain has been showing its support for people who believe in alien forms of life and has recently created the first support group in the world for people who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

The group is called Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline and its first goal is to hold a conference for the creation of a hotline to help people who believe have had contact with alien life forms.

According to the organization, this way people will have the opportunity to share their personal stories and experiences without being ridiculed.

The first conference will be held in East Sussex, Great Britain.