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Stamen Stamenov: Man is an Extraterrestrial Creature


The Moon was made artificially and man is an extraterrestrial creation. That is what ufologist Stamen Stamenov said in his talk-show, "The Ufologist's Diaries".

According to him, the Moon is a unique regulator of life on our planet. It is just 4 times smaller than Earth and weighing 81 times less. It is quite possible that the Moon is hollow.

The most important thing about it however, is that it is inhabited, Prof. Stamenov is convinced.

The ufologist claims that the Moon was artificially created. It turns out that it's composed of titanium and deposits stuck to it. There are massive, artificially built facilities on its surface with remarkably precise geometric shapes - triangular and pyramidal. The professor believes that this is a transceiver complex, intended to keep an eye on Earth.

A round UFO on the Moon can be seen in NASA photos. There are also 3 visible pyramids on the surface of the Earth's satellite, resembling those found in Giza. Stamen Stamenov also mentions the same types of pyramids that are found on Mars but which are much older.


The professor explained why he believes that man is an extraterrestrial being. According to him, we humans are way too fragile and have not adapted well to planet Earth. Our very human existence is filled with mistakes.

It's as if our bodies were not made for life on this planet. The human skeletal system deteriorates incredibly fast - something that is not seen in any other animal species. We are also assailed by diseases that do not affect animals.

All animals know how to swim. Humans do not share this ability, they gain it only after learning how. All in all, we are very ill adapted to this planet. In addition, experts have already proven that the human genome could not have arisen in such a short period of time.

Billions of years would have been needed for the 9.8 ft (3 m) DNA helix to arise. Humans are a creation and as with all creations, they have a black box. There would be no way for us to trick those who have created us, because they are not one, but several - postulates ufologist Stamen Stamenov.

He states that extraterrestrials have long been inhabiting Earth and operate with secret societies. Stamenov is convinced that there are excessive amounts of proof, pointing to the presence of aliens among us.