Extraterrestrials are Killing Ufologists per Checklist
Извънземни трепят уфолози по списък
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Extraterrestrials are Killing Ufologists per Checklist


The extraterrestrials that are observing our planet don't seem to have good intentions for humanity at all, believe paranormal phenomena fans.

The aliens have begun massively killing off ufologists, who had been on the right path to uncovering their secrets. According to American writer Sidney Sheldon, extraterrestrials are responsible for the mysterious deaths of numerous experts who had been investigating UFOs.

While collecting information for a future work, Sheldon very quickly managed to come up with a list of 25 scientists, who had been working with paranormal phenomena and secret space projects and who lost their lives under exceptionally strange circumstances.

This led to ufologists talking about Sheldon's List, which is a good example of the fact that the extraterrestrials are ready to eliminate any scientist attempting to get to their secrets.


Sheldon spoke of the scientists Arshad Sharif and Vimal Dajibhai, who committed suicide without having any substantial reason for it. However, the more interesting thing here is that both of them had been working on a secret military project for creating space weapons.

The other thing that Sheldon mentioned was that before they died, both experts told that they knew about the presence of aliens on Earth and could support their claims with substantial arguments.

After Sharif and Dajibhai passed away, they were shortly followed by other colleagues of theirs. In April 1987, Avtar Singh-Gida disappeared without a trace. He was pronounced dead, even though his body was not found.

A month later, Peter Peapell also bit the dust, after he was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning from his car. In March, David Sands also joins them, after committing suicide by crashing his car into a building.

In April, Sheldon recorded the deaths of 4 other scientists. Mark Wisner hung himself, Stuart Goodin was killed, David Greenhalgh fell from a bridge, supposedly by accident, while Shani Warren was found drowned.

Michael Baker died in May of the same year, after suffering a car accident. According to Sheldon's information, more than 20 English paranormal experts died in a short period.

Some would say that this is simply coincidence. But if it's not, how would we be able to explain all of these accidents? According to conspiracy theories, the extraterrestrials on Earth have decided to keep us in complete ignorance at all costs and any attempts by humans to meddle in their affairs result in aggression on their part.