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Humanity is an Experiment


According to world famous American speaker and author of several bestsellers, Barbara Marciniak, humanity is an experiment. The popular esoteric has earned a bachelor's degree in social science and, while writing her numerous works, has realized different journeys and astrological studies while seeking the very dawn of thought.

Marciniak believes that humans in their entirety were preplanned and created by an almighty being, which she calls the Prime Creator and identifies it with God. The supreme being brings the energies and the essence of life to the universe.

When he created man, the Prime Creator gave him some of his abilities because he wanted to experiment with intelligence and see what intelligent beings are capable of. A zone of free will was created in the universe especially for humans, where they would have the complete freedom to follow their own path.

According to the author, people were and are part of the Prime Creator. When he freed them from his custody, he gave them a task, which according to him was simple enough. They were to become creators of their own, to create with their gift of thought, and everything they made was to be given back to the deity and thus become part of the one whole.

Underwater pyramid

The 1st humans were more powerful, they had a 12 strand spiral DNA system. They began experimenting with the energy of the Prime Creator that existed within them. They created their own hierarchy, which in turn created other hierarchies.

Each subsequent hierarchy created a new hierarchy, which was gifted with its essence, in order to work toward the development of the universe. Eventually, the Earth became the intergalactic center of the universe.

Marciniak estimates the dawn of the human race to about 500 000 BC. For her, Lemuria and Atlantis were but pale shadows of long gone might, while the remains of the great civilizations lie buried deep beneath the ice of Antarctica.

The end of human advancement came with a war. The era of knowledge and expertise concluded with attempts by some of the first humans to attain ever greater might. The civilization collapsed, while the human species was run down.

However, the author believes that a Renaissance will take place one day, that the current world order will collapse, that humans will once again open themselves up to the 12 ways of knowledge and their DNA will then be restored. This way they will prove to be a successful experiment.