What Our Favorite Animal Reveals about Our Character


Regardless of whether you take care of a given animal at home or just like to look at it, the fact that a particular member of the animal kingdom is your favorite reveals a part of your character.


Dog lovers are loyal people with a free spirit. They possess a very formidable intuition and even though they may look rough, they are in reality gentle and delicate.



If your favorite animal is a cat, you are a person that is smart and adored by others around you. Cat lovers are incredibly patient and always manage to achieve their goals.


People, who like bears, usually love to give orders and always know what to do if a problem arises. They are brave people who can always be counted on.


If you love pandas, then you are a creative personality that favors freedom as well. Often you are disorganized and distracted, but most folks admire your sloppy and artistic manner.



Of those who cherish lions, it is thought that they strive to be in the spotlight. These types of people love attention and desire to be noticed at all costs.


Horse lovers are happy and friendly personalities, who hate monotony. These people are adventurers and are attracted to thrills and excitement.


People who like foxes are independent and enjoy being spoiled. They are confident and passionate people who always manage to get what they want.



Exotic parrots are the favored animals of persons who can communicate with ease. These folks impress others with their oratory skills.


Dolphins are animals liked by people who have an affinity for beautiful things. These personalities love being surrounded by many people, but are heartbreakers when it comes to love.


People who are fond of monkeys are flexible and can adapt to any situation. Their mood changes easily and this most often causes them problems with others.


These types of people are remarkably calm, even-tempered and always know how to act in a tense situation. Elephant lovers make a strong impression without imposing themselves.


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