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Our Favorite Color Reveals Our Hidden Fears

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The colors we surround ourselves with can reveal a great deal about our character. Our favorite colors show our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our hidden fears.

Black - You're afraid of not reaching your goals

People who like the color black have grand plans for the future and their greatest fear is not making them happen. Even though they appear very confident, these types of people easily lose their nerve whenever one of their goals strays from their path.

Blue - You're afraid of a lack of serenity

Persons who like the color blue are very down-to-earth and calm. Whatever happens to them, they believe that fate will turn around because they know that everything bad happens for a reason. They are incredibly tempered and rarely fall into extremes, only worried when their serenity is disrupted.

Brown - You are afraid of the unpredictable

Those who like brown seek stability. They love to plan every detail of their day and if something does not go according to plan, they panic. These types of people strive to create a strict and predictable order in their lives.

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Green - You don't want others to burden you with their problems

People who like green are artistic and easily liked by others. They are afraid of others burdening them with their problems. These folks easily attract attention and do not hold a grudge for a long.

Gray - You fear conflicts

Those who choose gray as their favorite color are very indecisive and are still trying to find themselves. They fear conflict and quarrel, striving to avoid them at all costs by becoming invisible. They can be affected by any little word.

Orange - You don't believe that you can take control of your own life

Persons who like orange are generally impulsive and friendly. Their greatest fear is that they are simply going with the flow and cannot take control of their life. They never try to change anything or anyone, accepting them just as they are.

Pink - You worry whenever you dreams don't come true

Pink is a favorite among caring and passionate people. They feel the greatest fear and worry whenever a long-standing dream of theirs comes crashing down. They want to achieve everything that has come to mind. They are very gentle, as well as quite dominating characters.

Purple - You worry whenever someone disagrees with you


These types of people are intellectuals and often have a prestigious career. Fans of purple, however, worry greatly whenever someone contradicts their viewpoints. They appear to be very friendly but are actually quite apprehensive.

Red - You fear a lack of attention

Red is the color of strength and power. These folks are usually highly ambitious and strive for the top. However, their greatest fear is not that of failure, but of the lack of attention. They enjoy it when others admire them for their achievements and never truly feel like they've won unless someone pays attention to them.

White - You are afraid of criticism

Those who like the color white have a strong need to express themselves. They have a hard time accepting others' points of view and are afraid of their criticism. Practicality is often lacking in their ideas, which is something noticed by everyone else but not they themselves.

Yellow - You are afraid that you're not in control of your life

Persons who like yellow are supreme optimists. They don't take anything that happens to them too seriously. Despite this, their greatest fear comes when they see that they are not in control of their life but are completely subject to the circumstances.