Ghost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer Match


The soccer match between The Strongest La Paz and Defensor Sporting in La Paz literally stirred the spirits a few days ago.

During the game, an unknown and mysterious male silhouette ran through the almost empty bleachers, states р, pointing to the video recording.

Anyone who watches the video will be undoubtedly stunned by the running figure, which, despite its great speed, moved along the bleachers without being hindered by the crowd.

It is interesting to note the fact that neither the fans, nor security reacted in any way. Furthermore, it turned out that no one present noticed the mysterious "fan".

Of course, the event during the match became a reason for heated debates in social media.

Ghost in Bolivia

Despite the arguments however, no one can give a reasonable explanation about what caused the phenomenon and why the people present did not feel or see anything unusual at that moment.

According to fans of paranormal phenomena, the stadium in La Paz was built upon an ancient burial ground.

They also claim that visitors to the stadium often become witnesses to phenomena of this sort.

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