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The Ghost of a Girl Shocks Music Lovers at Rock Festival in Australia

Ghost at Concert

Ghosts are fleshless creatures that personify the souls of deceased humans and animals and, as if following an unwritten rule, they appear in old houses or other abandoned places. But for the first time, a sinister ghost has been spotted at a lively rock concert, report foreign media.

The errant, almost transparent figure was spotted at a rock festival in the city of Brisbane, Australia, when there were more than 5000 hard rock fans gathered together. Fans rocked out all night in the company of their favorite performers and only found out about the ghost that had apparently been wandering about the event after someone more closely examined a photo they had taken during that memorable night.

The image was photographed by a youngster who had tried to take a picture of the musicians on stage but also captured a little bit of the surrounding greenery nearby. Besides the landscape, the rock fan had also shot the unclear and quite blurry shape of a black-haired girl, wearing a long white dress.

Many of those present at the concert believe that the appearance of the ghostly image was pure coincidence. According to them, it couldn't possibly be a ghost because they neither saw nor felt anything unusual during the festival. But fans of ghost stories are convinced that there really was a ghost and even speculate as to who it might have been.

According to the information, it is the ghost of a girl who when living had been suffering from somnambulism. She and her relatives had lived on a farm in that same area. In medicine, somnambulism is a condition where the patient performs actions while still asleep, without even realizing it. They often get up from bed, start to walk around and even talk, without having any recollection later of what had happened to them.


The child in question was 9 years old, had the same problem and its family had no idea what to do in order to fix it. One night, the girl once again began her nighttime walk and when her sister saw that she was not in bed, went after her.

She spotted her on the roof of the house and called her name. However, at the sound of the yell the child was startled, fell to the ground and died. It looks as if from that day on its ghost has been wandering around nearby, trying to find peace.