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The Character of a Scorpio


Scorpio is a sign that can be characterized by just a few words: loyalty, passion, dynamism, obsession, jealousy, suspicion and manipulation.

A Scorpio is one who is difficult to study by nature, he rarely shows his emotions and manages to keep cool even in critical situations.

Scorpio frequently asks questions, as he always wants to investigate the situation fully. He wants to know every single detail.

Scorpios always manage to manipulate anyone who tries to hurt them. People from other signs are always attracted to Scorpios.

One of the main features of this sign is the need for absolute independence. Scorpio can hardly ever be affected by someone else's opinion. As friends, representatives of this sign are very loyal and as love partners rarely show jealousy to their beloved.

This zodiac sign has great memory. Scorpios quickly forgive but never forget, and sometimes are able to get back at someone for troubles caused.

He is always grateful for the kindness that someone does, and always ready to return the favor. To be friends with a Scorpio, you must always be honest with him.

This sign is distinguished by a great, but sometimes shocking to others sense of humor. A Scorpio can become a brilliant surgeon, scientist and leader.

Scorpios are very ambitious, patient and straightforward, they head toward their goal slowly but surely. To achieve his goals he often uses his brilliant memory.

Scorpio is a master at hiding his emotions, it often helps him in business. However, Scorpios are extremely emotional. They are characterized by their strong intuition and understanding of human psychology.

It is hard to get a Scorpio to trust you, but after a probationary period, they can become your friend forever.

Scorpio women are loaded with great inner strength, able to deal with any obstacle that appears in their way. They want to know everything about their partner without providing any information in return. Scorpio women do not stop flirting even in old age.

Scorpio men may feel miserable and alone without their beloved partner, but will never show this during a possible separation. What he does not tolerate in a relationship, is if the woman tries to command him.



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