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Year of the Snake for Scorpio

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Scorpios will begin the year of the snake with renewed strength. They are entering a year in which the influence of the planets will cause them to be very provocative socially and in their relationships as well. Paradoxically, Scorpios will feel the need to get away and find solitude, even to isolate from the change that will surely follow. They will experience intense alternations of contacts and meditation, phases of work, with moments of complete relaxation.

Professionally, Scorpios can expect active and profitable collaborations in 2013 and profitable deals in the future. Some changes will befall him and take him closer to his goals. He will be faced with circumstances that will bring new knowledge and consequently open doors in the professional world.

If you work in the arts or a profession with a creative direction, luck will surely be on your side. Scorpios will be inspired throughout this period, and will even lack the time to bring ideas into fruition.

The love life of representatives of this sign will go through adventurous twists this year. They will embark on a romantic wave that will lead them to a certain inner awakening. They will be faced with circumstances that will push them to their emotional nature, and this will cause them to speak more freely about themselves. Scorpios will be maximally close to their true selves.

In 2013, Scorpios will be in harmony with their hearts. Touched by their sincerity and spontaneity, their partners will feel liked, but also a little uncertain. The first four months of 2013 will be particularly beneficial for getting closer.

They will need more intimacy and closeness, even isolation from the outside world. The social meetings, which they will have this year, will help them understand some still unclear elements of their past and destroy their needless feeling of guilt.

If single, in the second half of the year, the Scorpio will meet someone whom they complement and have many similarities with.



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16.02.2013 20:03
I love the way that sounds closer to the true inner being of a scorpio.