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Year of the Wood Goat for Scorpio


The year of the wood goat will begin incredibly peacefully for Scorpios, however this will only be a fleeting deception. In reality, 2015 promises to be infinitely dynamic, changeable, and even a turning point for some.

The demanding and capricious temperament of Scorpios will have to face the challenges of life. The lesson these individuals need to learn is not to accept everything as predestined and certain just because they want it to be so.

Since they do not like giving ground to anything or anyone, this will turn out to be key for their prosperity at the workplace. Scorpios will reach mind-boggling successes in their career development.

Their superiors will look at them with unconcealed respect and will try to please their every whim. Their manipulative nature will cause many of their coworkers and acquaintances to help them with the heavy lifting.

Scorpios will have to be exceptionally cautious with their finances. There is a possibility of small money problems which could reach a colossal magnitude in the 2nd half of the year.

What's important is for representatives of this sign not to be tempted to invest in business and real estate. The only sure thing that will be of benefit throughout 2015 is an investment with a rising interest rate.


Scorpios' immune system will be seriously shaken in this time period. Since they never take preventative measures and always wait till the last moment before visiting a doctor, it is not out of the question for them to be prescribed strong medications.

Of course, if Scorpios take adequate measures toward strengthening their body, antibiotic treatments may be avoided.

The love life of this water sign will be passionate, bright and memorable. The wood goat has taken great care to meet the endless requirements of Scorpios.

Single Scorpio representatives will experience fiery romances, which if they desire, can grow into something more serious. Those who are married will enjoy harmonious relations that won't be lacking in romance and passion.



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