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Unexpected Features of Scorpio

Nina NordNina Nord
Scorpio Sign

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) is relentless and torn by contradictions. The vital energy of Scorpio is so large that often at birth the mother suffers greatly and sometimes there are complications.

The Scorpio does not tolerate obstacles and barriers, he directly sweeps them away. Scorpios are analytical thinkers, which in combination with intuition makes them very dangerous opponents.

Scorpio Character

Scorpio is full of energy and always strives for success. He is filled with sarcasm and does not forgive his enemies. Often their jokes are at the expense of others, but Scorpios have a sense of self-irony.

Scorpio loves to build, but also loves to destroy. He will gladly cheat and deceive just to prove to himself that no one can reveal his secrets.

To achieve the goals he has set, Scorpio is not afraid to use illicit means. The career of a Scorpio is built on the ruined careers of his enemies.

Scorpios are rarely true friends, but when it does happens, they are ready to do everything for you and sacrifice everything that is theirs to help.


The Scorpio has an incredibly sharp mind and a burning passion. He is attractive to the opposite sex as his love for victory is quite evident. Different partners constantly alternate in Scorpio's bed because he is insatiable.

Scorpio is a man of extremes - he is able to love passionately, but also hate passionately. Scorpio finds it hard to trust someone, he does not care what others think.

Scorpios have high resistances. Scorpios are packed with all kinds of secrets that are not revealed even to their closest friend.

Scorpio is a powerful person who is impenetrable at first glance, but often suffers from neuroses. Scorpios never show their feelings in public.

Scorpio is jealous, but does not allow anyone to be openly jealous of him. Scorpio is dangerous even from a distance. Scorpio fits well with Cancer, Pisces, Libra and Virgo. They should avoid close contact with Aquarius and Leo.