The meanings and uses of Agate

The meanings and uses of Agate

Agate is a common stone and has been known by in different cultures for more than six thousand years. Agate is often striped, which distinguishes it from other stones. There are almost transparent agates and the colors of this stone are very diverse.

The most valuable magical properties of agate are that it protects its owner from danger, enemies, energy vampires, and attacks of various kinds.

Agate protects and awakens spirituality, prolongs life, makes men more masculine, and women - more powerful. The benefit of agate is that I helps with health, longevity and success.

Agate develops the ability to be liked by people, helps making correct decisions and gives you insight. White and yellow agate boosts your self-esteem, softening the character and making people nicer.

Grey agate symbolizes honesty and helps the owner to uncover fraud. This is the stone of friendship, it contributes to reconciliation between friends.

Light Blue agate is the stone of creative people, it helps creative natures, but should not be worn for too long. Black agate is most suitable for men as it makes them more attractive to women and improves their material situation.

It is believed that agate jewelry with help with diseases of the throat, heart and lungs, strengthen immunity and enhance the potency of men. Moreover, agate chases nightmares away and protects against infections at night.

Light Blue agate keeps you away from diseases of the thyroid gland, strengthens red blood vessels and helps you fight viruses. Yellow protecs from diseases of the stomach and lungs.

Light blue Agate calms Taureans and helps them be more creative. For Taurus, black agate is useful too.

Agate helps Cancer to be more confident and develop their creative potential. At the same time, it is an amulet that protects them from stress.

Agate is a sedative for Gemini. It helps them make the right decisions at critical moments.


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