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Blood donors donate their character traits


Some time ago scientists proved that blood carries the human intellect and is the guardian of the individual. In this case, what happens to the patient if his donor was a callous killer, for example? ! ?

In the early 80s of the twentieth century, in the medical literature of the United States were described hundreds of cases of change of the human persona under the influence of blood.


In Houston, a patient named Angela Tucker, suffering from a rare blood disease in five years received a "red liquor" from the same donor.

At this time there is a practice in the U.S. recipient may contract with a donor suitable for blood compatibility. So Angela negotiated with a housewife, who regularly gave blood for transfusion.

The results are startling. Over those five years the IQ of Angela fell with 26 points. And before her illness, it was more than 130. This striking decline was identified during the exam, which Angela was subjected to due to constant failures because of her work.

She led successful investments in big financial company, but in recent years was creating problems for the company. After another error in January she fell to line manager and keeps a job because of the incredible kindness of her success from the previous position.

The woman did not seem to be the same after blood transfusion. There are other details that bring clarity to the picture of the disintegration of personality, writes "fortune teller". There were years in which Angela never missed a show or a concert of classical music in Houston.

Now her collection is gathering dust in the closet, and not just music that is in the background, but seems to be forgotten. Two years running Angela participates in the national lottery, the existence of which she has not previously known. Once a week goes to a baseball game, but had not been interested in the sport.

Were these traits taken of another's character? The answer may be simpler! Angela has accepted personal characteristics of their donor – the simple American housewife.

Another fascinating case in France, In which the protagonist is the son of one of the richest in the country - a real estate dealer Gilbert E. Boy, taught in person for selected children. He was a favorite of teachers and classmates. But during an operation of appendicitis youngster received severe hemorrhage. Transfused was some blood.

After surgery, the boy changed. Become a vicious cub. During the holidays it twice was involved in the plundering of shops. Rich and powerful father can barely protect it by law.

But it did not end here. The teenager stabbed a passerby, then his father failed to deliver justice. Thus fell the boy in jail. It is believed that the rich heir was transfused with blood from a hardened criminal.



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Comments (1)

Cirese Summerrose
Cirese Summerrose
27.03.2014 14:25
OMGosh, this happened to me too. I had to have an extreme blood transfusion, and I "felt" the people who donated the blood to me. I could describe them, and I even liked foods I had previously hated. It was incredible. After all, we carry DNA in our blood as well as Anthropological Memories. I'm surprised more isn't written about this subject.